Thomas Robb - The Famous Personages Project

Thomas Robb

The Famous Personages Project

presented at TESOL2006

March 17, 2006

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This project features short sketches in English of over 500 famous people in modern Japan. The project was started about 10 years ago and has recently been converted to a Wiki to allow anyone to update the biographies. Information will be supplied on how you can contribute, or start one for another country.
Chat Transcript Below

14:01:38 cbauerramazani: Hi everyone.
14:02:20 Hala_Fawzi: Hello,Christine
14:04:05 JeffLebow:
14:05:04 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Salaam, Buthaina and Hala.
14:05:23 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Bon dia, Bee.
14:05:33 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hi, Jeff.
14:05:46 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Could you post the URL again, Jeff?
14:06:01 cbauerramazani: Hi everyone!
14:06:12 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hi, Christine.
14:06:22 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hi, Sunny.
14:06:47 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Robb-sensei: The "Famous People" project is wonderful. I've seen it and already learned a bit from it!
14:06:58 JeffLebow: Old Site
14:07:00 JeffLebow:
14:07:08 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks, Jeff.
14:07:12 JeffLebow: Wiki Site
14:09:05 TomRobb: :D
14:09:42 TomRobb: Tom and I switched chairs
14:09:58 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I have both the "old page" and the wiki page up now.
14:09:58 TomRobb: CBR, using Tom's username....
14:10:29 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks for both URLs, Jeff.
14:10:32 TomRobb: CBR: We now have one person in the audience here, listening to Tom.
14:10:57 Dennis_in_Phoenix: multiple perspectives from different students!
14:11:39 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Over 500?! Fantastic!
14:13:56 JeffLebow: For Moira - Tom's Wiki site
14:15:24 JeffLebow: Have you considered using wysiwyg options for wikimedia?
14:15:42 Dennis_in_Phoenix: CBR: writing to the wiki and also participating in reformatting it: what a marvelous way of creating "buy-in"!
14:15:50 Moira: Thanks Jeff
14:15:54 JeffLebow: Like wysiwiki or FCKeditor
14:16:08 JeffLebow: How have students dealt with formatting issue?
14:16:20 JeffLebow: Did you have to teach them how to edit?
14:16:27 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Great idea, CBR.
14:16:58 TomRobb: CBR: The ideas are Tom's! I wish I could claim them....
14:17:36 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Sorry I got confused about who is who. I understand now.
14:17:45 JeffLebow: Have you had any problems with people making 'naughty' edits?
14:18:33 Dennis_in_Phoenix: "Naughty" edits: luvit! :)
14:21:27 JeffLebow: any thoughts about using wiki's for curriculum development (i.e. collaborative ESL teaching materials)
14:21:38 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I've noticed that in a number of ELT-focused sites, most people are good at self-monitoring and not using 'English as a Shocking Language.'
14:22:13 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Good idea, Jeff.
14:22:38 JeffLebow: We're working on using wiki's for creating wiki textbooks at
14:22:56 JeffLebow: What do you think of the wiki module in Moodle?
14:23:28 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Students could also participate in curriculum development--with prompts, for example. They could suggest examples, topics, ways of making curriculum meaningful and real-life-oriented.
14:24:54 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks for the wiki textbook link, Jeff.
14:25:54 Dennis_in_Phoenix: My pleasure, Tom.
14:26:34 JeffLebow: How much have you been able to integrate multimedia (photos, audio, video) into your wiki?
14:26:41 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I participated with some of my students in an international blog--students in Arizona and students in Brasilia, Brazil.
14:27:17 Dennis_in_Phoenix: What a fantastic idea (Google Earth with how to walk around)!
14:27:53 JeffLebow:
14:27:56 Moira: confused
14:28:03 Moira: ah thanks Jeff
14:28:32 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I'm using a Mac, Tom, and I've not had any problems.
14:29:09 TomRobb: tom doesn't have any pictures with the MAC; I do! I'm a PC USER.
14:29:23 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Ah, I see, Christine!
14:30:15 buthaina: Hi, again
14:30:25 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Marhaba, my friend.
14:30:47 buthaina: Ahlaina, Sadeqi alaziz
14:30:57 Dennis_in_Phoenix: :)
14:31:09 buthaina: Wa Shukran ala kul Shay
14:31:25 Dennis_in_Phoenix: :)
14:31:52 buthaina: Shoosh said she's coming here, she's trying now
14:32:09 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I hope she makes it here! Insh'allah, she will!
14:32:16 buthaina: Is this the Tom Rob?
14:32:39 TomRobb: Yes, Buth.
14:32:44 JeffLebow: For newcomers - link to Tom's Wiki
14:32:44 Dennis_in_Phoenix: For some reason, my connection was terminated, but I'm back.
14:32:45 TomRobb: THE Tom Robb!
14:33:10 buthaina: Hi, and congratulations, Tom. Loved to be in person to say that, in Tampa..But glad we're doing it virtually. :)
14:34:37 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I use mp3 files for "pronunciation dictations" focusing on "relaxed speech."
14:34:42 buthaina: Can we join your Wiki, Tom?
14:34:44 buthaina: Hi :)
14:34:53 buthaina: :D
14:35:07 buthaina: Thaks to Wrldbridges
14:35:10 buthaina: Hahahah
14:35:20 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Congratulations from me, too, Robb-sensei!
14:35:38 JeffLebow: Would anyone like to skype in and speak with Tom?
14:35:45 Dennis_in_Phoenix: And to you as well, Christine.
14:35:52 buthaina: And can we join youir wiki, tom?
14:36:17 buthaina: Ok, yes..
14:36:19 buthaina: good idea
14:36:32 JeffLebow: skype 'worldbridges' to chime in
14:36:36 buthaina: Right, right, right..Yes, wonderful.
14:36:56 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I have a lot of Spanish-speaking students--mostly from Mexico. Maybe a "Famous Hispanic People"?
14:37:08 buthaina: Will, start that, Tom from your Wiki, is this ok?
14:37:11 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Do itashimashite, Robb-sensei.
14:38:23 Moira: Thank you Tom
14:38:32 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks, Christine and Tom. This was very informative--and inspirational!
14:38:42 buthaina: Thank you, Christine, Tom, and Jeff..
14:38:53 Dennis_in_Phoenix: It was wonderful to be here, Christine.
14:38:59 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks for everything, Jeff.

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