Randall Davis - Breaking the Sound Barrier on the Web

Randall Davis of Esl-lab.com
Breaking the Sound Barrier on the Web
at TESOL2006
March 17, 2006
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This presentation focused on helping teachers learn how to author multimedia for the Internet, from selecting hardware and software to preparing their recording "studios" to get the best sound.

Chat Transcript Below

14:42:59 beecharmer: Randall's URL is http://www.esl-lab.com/handouts
14:43:24 JeffLebow: Today's handout http://www.esl-lab.com/handouts/tesol2006-soundbarrier.pdf
14:45:15 buthaina: i have
14:45:19 buthaina: :)
14:45:19 Perry: 6
14:45:31 Perry: But I only use 1 button
14:45:59 beecharmer: Feel free to send in questions during Randall's talk. I have seven buttons myself. *)
14:48:17 Moira: I zap
14:48:19 buthaina: yes, my 2 sons go far that every now and then
14:48:47 buthaina: Chris ..:D
14:48:51 buthaina: :D
14:49:19 buthaina: beecharmer is Chris, right?
14:50:01 beecharmer: Ok, you got me. I'm Chris, but I do keep bees.
14:51:09 buthaina: yes, please, Randall..
14:51:12 buthaina: itunes
14:51:44 buthaina: right..
14:52:21 buthaina: How about , iTunes, Randall? I'm using it now..
14:52:28 JeffLebow: For teachers who want to use your audio in an offline environment, is there a way they can save the audio files to their hard drive?
14:53:09 buthaina: Yes, good question , Jeff..this is why i'm using iTunes, so that I can save my sound files.
14:53:46 buthaina: others doesn't have this option..
14:53:50 beecharmer: Welcome, RitaZ. Check out Randall's handout at http://www.esl-lab.com/handouts/tesol2006-soundbarrier.pdf
14:54:06 RitaZ: sorry about being late
14:54:30 beecharmer: No 'late' here. Feel free to ask questions and I'll get them to Randall.
14:54:31 buthaina: what's a code hanger?
14:54:36 RitaZ: thank you , Bee
14:54:38 beecharmer: Coat
14:54:50 beecharmer: hanger
14:54:58 buthaina: hehe, ok..thanks, beecharmer
14:56:06 beecharmer: I hope he doesn't wear them...
14:56:20 buthaina: lol..
14:56:40 beecharmer: Save the new ones.
14:57:06 buthaina: Randall...It's ok, nothing reached here, Randall
14:57:26 buthaina: had a twoel covering my deskspeakers
15:00:13 JeffLebow: How is the webcast audio - clear enough? loud enough?
15:00:31 buthaina: perfect here in Kuwait, Jeff
15:00:46 RitaZ: loud and clear enough, Jeff :-)
15:01:23 buthaina: was joking a short while ago when Randall spoke too closly into his mic..
15:01:37 RitaZ: Audacity
15:01:46 buthaina: cooledit
15:01:48 RitaZ: handybits with kids
15:01:56 buthaina: HotRecorder
15:02:33 buthaina: :D
15:02:37 JeffLebow: http://www.esl-lab.com/handouts/soundrecordings.pdf
15:02:44 buthaina: thanks, Jeff
15:03:37 JeffLebow: What is the advantage of using Sound Recorder instead of Audacity?
15:04:09 buthaina: oh, wow, fantastic, Randall..
15:04:14 buthaina: thanks
15:04:47 buthaina: yes, our case here in Kuwaiy University
15:04:53 JeffLebow: Audacity is also multi-platform (Mac, Windows, and Linux
15:06:36 buthaina: right
15:08:00 beecharmer: check out http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/default.mspx
15:08:56 buthaina: thanks, beecharmer
15:09:54 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hi, Randall. Hi, everyone.
15:10:37 beecharmer: Welcome, Dennis. Check out http://www.esl-lab.com/handouts/tesol2006-soundbarrier.pdf for Randall's handout and send in your questions in.
15:10:52 beecharmer: delete one 'in'.
15:11:50 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I use mp3 files for class use.
15:12:27 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks, Bee. Dziekuje!
15:12:52 JeffLebow: We are listening to live streaming audio
15:13:19 JeffLebow: If you click on the Real Player or Windows media icon to listen to this webcast, those were metafiles
15:13:37 beecharmer: Jeff, is there a delay in the audio broadcast?
15:13:42 JeffLebow: yes
15:13:51 beecharmer: About how much?
15:13:52 JeffLebow: approximately 30-45 seconds
15:14:11 JeffLebow: longer at lower bitrate (channel 2)
15:14:54 beecharmer: http://iteslj.org/Techniques/Davis-MultimediaSite/
15:15:05 JeffLebow: If anyone would like to skype in to ask a question, they can do so by skyping 'worldbridges'
15:16:43 JeffLebow: several of the most popular podcast feeds in the world are ESL related http://www.podfeed.net/feedburner_rankings.asp
15:17:43 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks, Randall.
15:17:52 RitaZ: thank you, Randall!
15:18:05 JeffLebow: http://asianbridges.com/pac2/interviews/index.html
15:18:08 Moira: Thank you all
15:18:11 Dennis_in_Phoenix: What a fantastic service you've provided, Jeff!
15:18:12 RitaZ: and thank you Jeff, as well
15:18:14 buthaina: Thanks, Randall, Chris, Jeff for making this is possible for all of us
15:18:21 beecharmer: Thanks to everyone!
15:18:31 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hear, hear, Bee!
15:18:46 buthaina: esp. us, the virtual gang

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