Buthaina's Presentation at TESOL 2006

Buthaina Al-Othman's TESOL Presentation
Easy Technologies to Teach and Learn EFL/ESL Across Different Cultures
March 16, 2006 An academic presentation by Buthaina Al-Othman (online handout here) for TESOL2006 about the use of skype, webcasting, and other synchronous internet tools in language learning.  Buthains is joined by Barbara Sawhill, Professor Ali, and Vance Stevens as recent projects are discussed.
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Chat Transcript Below

barbara-in-ohio: hi buth
08:34:36 barbara-in-ohio: hi JEff
08:35:25 buthaina: Hi Barbara :)
08:38:30 barbara-in-ohio: Arabic students are ion the lab now
08:38:38 barbara-in-ohio: they will be entering the chatroom soon
08:42:47 barbara-in-ohio: Hi Oberlin Arabic students... presentation #1 has begun (yif you are listening to the audio that is what you are hearing) Buth will begin soon
08:45:55 barbara-in-ohio: Salam alicaam Buthaina!
08:46:02 buthaina: Good Morning, Rehana :) good to see you here, and thanks for coming
08:47:03 buthaina: ??? ???? ?? ??????
08:47:19 JeffLebow: was that arabic text?
08:47:33 buthaina: oh, sorry, No Arabic characters in this chat room!! :(
08:47:39 buthaina: Yes, Jeff
08:47:39 JeffLebow: that's too bad
08:48:07 barbara-in-ohio: sound it out phonetically?
08:48:19 buthaina: yeah..We use skype for our text-chat communication, Jeff, this is why i haven't tried arabic here
08:48:47 barbara-in-ohio: and this is why Skype works so well...
08:49:04 buthaina: KAIFA HalaK Ya Raihan?
08:49:12 JeffLebow: I thought the chat room supported it... looking in to it now
08:49:20 barbara-in-ohio: whoops
08:49:22 buthaina: Inshallah kil umorak jeydah.
08:49:34 buthaina: Ahalan Ya Raihan
08:49:35 barbara-in-ohio: say it again Buth
08:49:49 rehanjamil: Sabah al Khair Sayida Buthaina
08:49:59 buthaina: Kayfa Halak ya, Rayhan?
08:50:13 rehanjamil: bekhair alhamdullihah
08:50:13 buthaina: Sabah Al-Nour :)
08:50:17 rehanjamil: wa inti
08:50:30 buthaina: Bikhair, Al-Hamdullah
08:50:48 barbara-in-ohio: (ali and I are reading along!)
08:51:23 buthaina: Shukran Le-Houdorak Al-Youm Ila Huna Ya Rayhan..
08:51:47 buthaina: Was Shukran Inak Qabalktah Daáwati.
08:51:48 rehanjamil: la shukran ila wajib
08:51:53 buthaina: Was=Wa
08:52:56 buthaina: Laqad Akhbarani, Al-Ustath Ali Inaka Taqra Al-Quran al An
08:53:09 buthaina: Sahih, Hatha ya Rehan?
08:55:40 barbara-in-ohio: victoria (also from the class) is about to join
08:56:25 buthaina: Jaye'd, Barbara, Shukran..
08:56:37 buthaina: Ahlan, Victoria..
08:56:38 buthaina: :)
08:56:44 victoria_horrock: ahlan,
08:56:51 victoria_horrock: keifa al hal?
08:56:54 rehanjamil: Marhaba ya Victoria
08:57:02 buthaina: Shukran Li Hudourik Maána Al-Youm..
08:57:23 victoria_horrock: afwan
08:57:36 buthaina: bekhair, wa anti? kaiffa halik, Victoria?
08:57:51 victoria_horrock: bekhair al hamdu lilla
08:58:35 buthaina: Hal tasma'oun al sout
08:59:07 victoria_horrock: ma manna al sout?
08:59:22 buthaina: Aqsid, al-doctor althi yatakalam alan fi al-moutamar, fi Tampa
08:59:32 buthaina: sout=sound
08:59:47 rehanjamil: na'am
08:59:53 victoria_horrock: nam, ana isama'oun ila al doctor
08:59:55 buthaina: sout taáni (sound)
09:00:18 buthaina: Jaied, tamam..shukran
09:00:33 victoria_horrock: touhib al medinat tampa?
09:00:44 buthaina: wa matha raikukum fi ma yaqoul
09:00:52 buthaina: hal tuwafiqoun
09:01:31 buthaina: raikkukum= rayakum
09:02:08 rehanjamil: rai yani opinion fil ingleziah
09:02:22 buthaina: Soufa ataklam alan, ok
09:02:42 buthaina: Ahlan, Ali
09:02:51 buthaina: Alia, ahlan
09:02:54 rehanjamil: tayibb inshallah
09:02:56 aliakate: shukran
09:03:00 aliakate: marhaba
09:05:16 buthaina: Marhabtain, ya Alia..Kaifa Halik
09:05:40 buthaina: Wa Shukran, li hudourik maána huna al-youm :)
09:05:55 aliakate: bikhair, allahum dlillah
09:06:21 aliakate: wa anti? kaifa al'hal?
09:06:30 barbara-in-ohio: (thanks for your patience Oberlin Arabic class... we will get started soon)
09:06:57 buthaina: yeah..Ohio
09:07:05 aliakate: =)
09:07:06 buthaina: hello Ohio
09:07:13 buthaina: Kuwait is here :)
09:07:16 barbara-in-ohio: If you are opening other windows in the browser, use TABS...that way you will not lose the chat window
09:07:38 barbara-in-ohio: shall I call in now Jeff...
09:07:58 buthaina: I hear you
09:08:07 buthaina: I hear both Jeff, ad Steve
09:08:21 buthaina: Do you heaR ME?
09:08:37 buthaina: Yes< YES, HEAR you
09:10:32 stevesharp: hold on a second buth
09:11:28 barbara-in-ohio: here we go Oberlin...
09:11:52 buthaina: http://alothman-b.tripod.com/tesol06_callis_acsession0316.htm
09:12:08 buthaina: Oh, no
09:12:16 buthaina: I am your student, Christine
09:14:10 JeffLebow: Stephen, can you mute your mic?
09:15:23 JeffLebow: Steven, audio is really pretty dodgy...muting mic or lowering volume would help a lot
09:15:44 barbara-in-ohio: woo hoo... keep typing oberlin...
09:15:47 stevesharp: mic is mutted
09:16:57 barbara-in-ohio: http://www.edtechtalk.com
09:17:53 buthaina: It's you, mindeed, Barbara..thank you and Ali, and the students here with bus..:)
09:18:23 aliakate: afwaan
09:18:52 buthaina: NOOOOOOOOO>>It' you guys not me
09:19:02 buthaina: And, of course, Jeff and Dav
09:19:46 stevesharp: do youhave a link barbara?
09:19:56 buthaina: Ali, is a wonderful teacher
09:20:15 buthaina: and the students are amazing learners..
09:20:58 stevesharp: the windows media file?
09:21:14 buthaina: Alia, Rehan, and Victoria here now, are fats learners and very smart
09:21:32 buthaina: Yes, Steve
09:21:54 buthaina: The WMV
09:22:00 stevesharp: it is buffering
09:22:10 buthaina: OK, thanks,Steve :)
09:23:32 buthaina: Barbara, Ali, the Students, Erin, Jeff, and Dave are all behind the success of this project
09:23:35 stevesharp: it is playing (softly)
09:23:48 buthaina: yes, I heard , Steve
09:24:05 buthaina: I hear it, clearly here
09:24:46 stevesharp: we can't hear you at the moment
09:25:02 JeffLebow: perhaps time to stop the video
09:25:11 stevesharp: stopped
09:25:13 stevesharp: go on
09:25:23 barbara-in-ohio: they are watching the video of you(oberlin) and Buthaina
09:25:34 stevesharp: talk please
09:26:07 barbara-in-ohio: I tis important to note that this software is free
09:26:24 barbara-in-ohio: and you do not need a computer to make it possible.
09:26:38 barbara-in-ohio: skype can talk to phones and computers
09:27:24 aliakate: i'm taking the class because I'm a politics student with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa.
09:27:41 aliakate: alaikum salaam
09:27:48 rehanjamil: wa aliekum as salam
09:28:06 stevesharp: lets move on with your links
09:28:07 victoria_horrock: i am also a politics student and am studying the Middle East and North Africa.
09:28:36 buthaina: http://alothman-b.tripod.com/skypeproject_portal.htm
09:28:44 victoria_horrock: the class has been a really great, and the opportunity to use skype allows us to communicate with someone in the region who is a native speaker
09:28:58 barbara-in-ohio: (Oberlin students: I have archived the text chat with buthaina so if the audience need to see that they can...)
09:29:41 barbara-in-ohio: if you need to get to class please do... Buthaina truly appreciates your participation...salam!
09:30:11 buthaina: http://cae2005.blogspot.com/2005_08_01_cae2005_archive.html
09:30:38 aliakate: Also, Buthaina was able to interview policemen in Lebanon during the time of the protests against the Danish cartoons-- she was able to show us the link over the webcast... we had a virtual connection to someone in the region who told us exactly what was going on (in arabic!)
09:31:23 buthaina: http://alothman-b.tripod.com/skypeproject_activities.htm
09:33:45 buthaina: 1.
09:34:49 stevesharp: 3 of those links weren't found
09:35:08 JeffLebow: How much time do we have left Steven?
09:35:19 stevesharp: 10 minutes
09:37:52 stevesharp: he is very quiet
09:37:57 barbara-in-ohio: Professor Ali is in the conference !
09:38:19 stevesharp: he needs to speak up
09:38:32 barbara-in-ohio: Yeah! Ali made it!
09:38:36 buthaina: Thanks, Ali for coming..I really, appreciate.
09:39:22 stevesharp: He isn't coming in clearly
09:39:22 barbara-in-ohio: Steve: you may want to explain to the audience how all of these connections are being made...land line, cellphone, text chat, skype....
09:39:28 aliakate: it also gives a sense of awe-- every time we leave the room after having talked to Buthaina, we are so amazed-- it's hard to believe that we can talk to someone in kuwait in real-time from our little town in ohio
09:39:29 barbara-in-ohio: he is clear here
09:39:39 stevesharp: we can only catch a word or two
09:39:46 buthaina: Steve, here is the photo of the Oberlin Arabic Class with Ali, http://www.flickr.com/photos/90838397@N00/sets/1672366/
09:40:26 barbara-in-ohio: he is saying how the arabic language is perceived as being difficult and how this =tool has faciliated their learning
09:42:06 barbara-in-ohio: Ali loves Skype....
09:43:01 buthaina: Here is the Blip.tv VideoBlogging for the Arabic class, as a supporting extra activities: http://buthaina.blip.tv/
09:43:11 barbara-in-ohio: the audio is fine here as it will be in the podcast
09:43:23 barbara-in-ohio: those listening from afar are also hearing it clearly
09:43:31 buthaina: :)
09:43:53 buthaina: 1.
09:45:32 buthaina: * Utilizing cell-phones to reduce local "digital devide" Using SMS & MMS to communicate with students living in new areas that lack telephone service * Cell-phones to teach vocabulary through SMS http://alothman-b.tripod.com/162_s04students_vocabquiz.htm * Cell-phones & laptops to present web-based final projects in class: Infrared port was used for providing access to the Internet so that students present their work published on their blogs http://alothman-b.tripod.com/162_fall04_stspresentations.htm * Cell-phone cams to post to students' Photoblogs & to teach Grammar http://alothman-b.tripod.com/090_studentprojects_fall04.htm
09:46:49 buthaina: Rayhan, shukran li hudourak
09:47:22 buthaina: yes, clear here in Kuwait, Vance
09:47:55 stevesharp: 3 minutes
09:48:19 buthaina: yes, Steve, I'm counting here, too..
09:49:23 stevesharp: last comment
09:51:37 buthaina: I am your Student, Vance
09:52:54 barbara-in-ohio: Please notice that Vance could Skype (audio) in from UAE but not access this chatroom... Skype can bypass many obstacles that other technologies cannot
09:53:37 aliakate: ma'salaama shukran
09:53:45 barbara-in-ohio: Thank you Alia... salaam
09:54:49 buthaina: I learned many of the skills through my participation in communities of practice online like the Webheads or the Learning Communites at WorldBridges..
09:55:45 buthaina: Thanks, Barbara, Ali, and the Arabic class students for accepting my invitation and made this new learning experience happen actually, today.
09:56:26 JeffLebow: audio is coming in pretty low Steven
09:56:43 buthaina: Thanks, steve for organizing this session, and to all my colleagues and to the audience for supporting this presentation, and making my participation virtually possible.
09:57:22 buthaina: yes, same here, Jeff
09:57:44 buthaina: ok, good now
09:58:45 buthaina: Yeah..it's all about the FUN
09:58:48 buthaina: :)
10:06:25 buthaina: Shukran li hudourik, ya alia
10:26:55 buthaina: hahahaha

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