Leslie Opp-Beckman - Videoconferencing Series for English Language Teachers

Leslie Opp-Beckman's presentation at TESOL2006 about The Thailand-University of Oregon Videoconferencing Series for English Language Teachers http://thaiuo.uoregon.edu

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Chat Transcript Below

14:39:48 beecharmer: Our next session with Leslie Opp-Beckman begins in a few minutes!
14:39:48 Ethan: thanks a lot.
14:39:56 buthaina: Clap, Clap, Clap, Chris!!
14:40:02 ChrisJones: go to http://www.azwestern.edu
14:40:08 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks very much, ChrisÑand Christine. AZ-TESOL is proud of you, Chris!
14:40:12 ChrisJones: then click ESL magazine in the 2nd column
14:40:25 buthaina: Thanks, Chris for the link
14:40:29 vidaypaz: thank you
14:40:31 Daf: oops was kicked out again and lost the url
14:40:45 Dennis_in_Phoenix: http://www.azwestern.edu
14:40:56 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Click on ESL magazine in the 2nd column.
14:41:29 buthaina: Yes, and the Webheads too, Dennis, are all proud of Chris Jones..She is a great teacher and I learned a lot from her
14:41:35 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hi, Leslie.
14:41:47 Daf: thanks, got it
14:41:48 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I'll be back in a few minutes. I need to get some fresh coffee.
14:41:52 randa: Hi Les with you from Cairo
14:41:56 paulaemmert: Thanks Jeff and I am so happy to see that you recovered and got back online so quickly!
14:42:01 aiden_in_tampa: Jeff
14:42:12 aiden_in_tampa: don't be put on live yet
14:42:25 aiden_in_tampa: i'm waiting for christine to use
14:42:35 dave: wow. seems like good fun in here.
14:42:40 JeffLebow: sorry to everyone that got kicked out of the skype conference
14:42:45 JeffLebow: skype was overwhelmed
14:42:52 Daf: Chris pres has motivated me to start using e-zines :-)
14:42:53 dave: that happens sometimes! :)
14:43:18 Daf: hi Dave
14:43:31 paulaemmert: We were a bit overwhelmed as well..LOL but no worries in the end.
14:43:32 dave: hi daf.
14:43:35 dave: how are ya?
14:43:41 Daf: yes, Christine
14:43:57 Daf: wb, Dave
14:43:59 Daf: :-)
14:44:15 buthaina: I tried, earlier, during 2003, EVO sesson, Daf, but then we were taken by blogs and Blogging and i forgot about it..but it's a good idea to reconsider for future classes..
14:44:41 Daf: yes, me too, Buth, great that Chris has gone back to it :-)
14:44:50 beecharmer: Leslie's website is located at  http://thai.uoregon.edu
14:44:59 Daf: thanks
14:45:08 buthaina: Christine B-R has created some nice emagazines for her Ss back in 2003, right Christine
14:45:27 buthaina: We have it, thanks, Leslie
14:46:38 dave: i got kicked out of the chat room when i tried to listen... that's really embarrassing.
14:46:57 buthaina: I'm fond of your work, Leslie, and have stolen some ideas from some fo your pages, earlier..if you don't mind.
14:47:01 JeffLebow: are you able to do both now, Dave?
14:47:09 dave: nope. i gave up.
14:47:15 dave: one thing at a time i say
14:47:20 dave: none of this multitasking
14:47:22 JeffLebow: What media player are you using?
14:47:27 dave: ha
14:47:31 dave: jeff...
14:47:33 dave: it's me.
14:47:35 dave: dave dave.
14:47:43 buthaina: I thought so..
14:47:55 buthaina: hehehe
14:48:07 paulaemmert: Wow.. This is amazing, Leslie
14:48:13 dave: please don't make it worse by tech-ing me.
14:48:15 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Really impressive, Leslie.
14:48:19 dave: :)
14:48:45 JeffLebow: Oh Dave!
14:48:49 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I took a look at the site a few days agoÑjust after receiving the Webheads / EVO message. I have the site online now, too.
14:49:19 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Critical thinking: very important . . . but often overlooked.
14:49:56 Daf: Definitely, Dennis
14:50:35 buthaina: Leslie, was invited by the Ministry of Education, here in Kuwait, and did an excellent trainign program, for public school teachers here, in 2002.
14:50:43 dave: this is a very interesting show...
14:50:44 buthaina: you could google that, Dennis
14:50:54 paulaemmert: Great resources
14:51:00 dave: this guest doesn't babble at all... not like that dave guy.
14:51:03 dave: those are really good.
14:51:05 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I'm impressed with the videoÑeven though it's a bit fuzzy in Real Player.
14:51:55 beecharmer: Visit Leslie's site at http://www.thaiou.uoregon.edu
14:53:04 Dennis_in_Phoenix: The Class Showplace site has some very interesting materialÑand it's obvious that the participants were interested and involved in it.
14:53:04 paulaemmert: I appreciate the addition of lecture word and powerpoint guides.
14:53:13 randa: is their any inteaction live
14:53:19 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I do too, Paula.
14:54:13 Daf: great team work
14:54:42 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I agree, Daf.
14:54:56 Dennis_in_Phoenix: What do you mean by "compliance issues," Leslie?
14:55:29 buthaina: I'm watching the video of session# 1
14:55:45 Dennis_in_Phoenix: ("compliance" vis-a-vis disabilities? Web access? browsers and operating systems? something else?)
14:55:48 cbauerramazani: I've got an important question...
14:56:00 beecharmer: Ask away
14:56:00 cbauerramazani: Who in this conference is NOT a TESOL member?
14:56:20 JeffLebow: Question for Lelie from Ismael - Q. to Leslie: What about the technical and language level of your students. Do they have to connect to your sessions from HOME or from the university lab by the help of a teacher or(facilitator)?
14:57:23 Daf: are we all TESOL members?
14:57:37 Dennis_in_Phoenix: SCORM: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCORM
14:57:48 buthaina: checking the particiant info box, Chrtistine, Daf
14:57:54 beecharmer: Thanks Dennis
14:59:09 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Section 508 FAQ: ttp://www.ittatc.org/technical/experts/questions.php?sid=61c88142d1529a00e2aaf...
15:00:04 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Section 508 FAQ tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/rt28m
15:00:32 Ethan: audience analysis
15:01:17 buthaina: Thanks, Dennis
15:01:35 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Afwan!
15:01:40 buthaina: :)
15:01:55 Dennis_in_Phoenix: :D
15:03:02 Daf: it is working :-)
15:03:19 Ethan: thanks a lot.
15:03:28 ElizabethH-S: Leslie--is there URL to see the project?
15:03:40 Perry: Thanks, this was great. I liked how I could look at the webpages as you talked.
15:03:42 ElizabethH-S: Skype ID: Worldbridges
15:03:51 beecharmer: We'll try to work your questions in; keep sending them in. Check out Leslie's site at www.thaiou.uoregon.edu
15:04:03 ElizabethH-S: Thank you beecharmer
15:04:12 beecharmer: My pleasure.
15:04:17 Hala: Hi
15:04:24 beecharmer: Welcome.
15:04:28 Daf: hey Hala!!!
15:04:35 ElizabethH-S: thaiuo.uoregon.edu
15:04:38 buthaina: Hi, Hala..
15:04:44 Daf: how many countries are represented in this room?
15:04:50 ElizabethH-S: http://www.thaiuo.uoregon.edu
15:04:52 Hala: hey all.Daf,Buth,CJ,Aiden and all
15:04:59 RitaZ: hi, Hala!
15:05:01 beecharmer: Oops, not used to this mac keyboard.
15:05:03 buthaina: Thanks, Elizabeth
15:05:05 vidaypaz: hi hala
15:05:06 Daf: I am in Caracas, Venezuela, where are you?
15:05:16 aiden_in_tampa: Hello Hala
15:05:18 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I had too many windows open and Firefox crashed.
15:05:21 ElizabethH-S: OK--so that didn't work either.
15:05:36 Daf: (just wanting to see how many countries are represented here)
15:05:39 Hala: Hello from Sudan
15:05:48 beecharmer: http://www.thaiuo.uoregon.edu
15:06:36 beecharmer: http://www.thaiuo.uoregon.edu
15:06:37 buthaina: thant, link didin't work
15:06:45 buthaina: Hello, Randa
15:06:59 Hala: hi Randa
15:07:10 vidaypaz: please explain what is Internet 2.0?
15:07:13 aiden_in_tampa: I've got to go and take the 5 pm flight back to LA then back to Taiwan
15:07:19 aiden_in_tampa: it was nice to see you all online
15:07:26 beecharmer: The link seemed to be down briefly; it seems to be working now.
15:07:32 aiden_in_tampa: I took a lot of pictures and will post them later on my blog
15:07:40 aiden_in_tampa: I'll share the URL later
15:07:43 randa: hi hala
15:07:44 aiden_in_tampa: hugs all
15:07:47 aiden_in_tampa: ciao
15:07:51 ElizabethH-S: No www: http://thaiuo.uoregon.edu
15:08:02 ElizabethH-S: Bye Aiden
15:08:02 buthaina: thanks, for the question, Randa
15:08:25 buthaina: bye, Aiden
15:09:05 Daf: that's a very important aspect when dealing with videoconferences
15:09:09 buthaina: Rae, in UAE, is listening in but she's unable to enter this chat room..it's blocked in UAe
15:09:28 buthaina: Yes, hear you well
15:09:49 randa: how large are the groups at the sites?
15:10:11 buthaina: Was that Chris S. asked if he's heard
15:10:36 beecharmer: No, that wasn't me.
15:10:47 ElizabethH-S: Is Leslie on Skype or phone?
15:10:48 buthaina: oh, ok..thanks
15:10:48 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I look forward to seeing the photos on your blog, Aiden.
15:11:04 beecharmer: Leslie is on Skype conference
15:11:23 randa: great work
15:11:34 buthaina: yes, hear Leslie well, Chris, but somebody asked if he's heard well..
15:11:40 buthaina: well, never mind,
15:11:43 buthaina: thanks, chris
15:12:04 buthaina: See, was, Dennis
15:12:22 buthaina: Yes, hear you loud and clear, Dennis
15:12:30 buthaina: Yes, Ditto, Dennis
15:12:45 beecharmer: Send in your questions
15:13:15 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I'm glad (I think) that you could hear me.
15:13:21 vidaypaz: Leslie, do you have more complete documentation about the Study Buddy system?
15:13:37 ElizabethH-S: Leslie--do you live v-conference?
15:13:38 bjt_21: Question for Leslie: Do the participants present their projects to one another via video?
15:14:22 randa: how do you evaluate the implementation
15:15:04 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I remember those early days very well. I created a LOT of online materials thenÑand a number of them are still online . . . and unchanged.
15:15:46 Dennis_in_Phoenix: One of the most interesting (and, at that time, innovative) was work with Rongchang Li's "Learning English Online."
15:15:53 ElizabethH-S: Live voice-chat?
15:15:56 buthaina: Leslie, this method or technology of Vconferencing is available conducting here in KU and in Saudi Arabia, but between campuses due to gender-sagregated classes.
15:16:19 buthaina: This is not a question just a comment..
15:16:27 bjt_21: Question for Leslie: Have you looked at a platform like Elluminate where you can record the session and have it available for students to use for review/if they missed the class?
15:16:54 buthaina: But would be great to see it ustilized in the way you're doing
15:17:07 ElizabethH-S: BJT--that is my Question also--seems a good fit.
15:17:27 ElizabethH-S: What interface do you use?
15:17:31 bjt_21: Thank you Elizabeth!
15:17:54 vidaypaz: ok, thanks Leslie
15:17:55 Hala: what about developing countries ?Can this work if if is considered a low tech?
15:17:59 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Google Scholar Search: "Study Buddy Learning"
15:18:04 Dennis_in_Phoenix: http://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=Study+Buddy+Learning&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF...
15:18:20 vidaypaz: thanks Dennis
15:18:22 beecharmer: Thanks again, Dennis
15:18:32 bjt_21: We presently have Blackboard and would like to add Elluminate - but the cost may be prohibitive, Elizabeth.
15:18:32 ElizabethH-S: Hala--do you mean on dial-up?
15:18:33 randa: In egypt the infra structure is there by the MOE
15:18:42 Hala: yes?
15:18:45 ElizabethH-S: MOE? Randa?
15:19:04 randa: Ministry of Education
15:19:04 Hala: withdial-up connection
15:19:23 randa: dial up would be difficult
15:19:35 Dennis_in_Phoenix: tinyURL for the Google Scholar search:
15:19:38 Dennis_in_Phoenix: http://tinyurl.com/o8rwt
15:19:41 vidaypaz: in Bolivia, we would also be limited to dial up
15:19:58 ElizabethH-S: The costs of the java-based v-chat rooms should be dropping, however.
15:19:58 Dennis_in_Phoenix: De nada, Bee.
15:20:26 ElizabethH-S: I really liked Breeze, as you can do multi-Webcams as well as voice.
15:20:48 vidaypaz: reference for Breeze?
15:20:53 Dennis_in_Phoenix: My pleasure, Leslie.
15:20:58 ElizabethH-S: By inhouse--that means UO develops them?
15:21:13 Hala: Hala from Sudan
15:21:41 ElizabethH-S: I think it is here http://www.breeze.com/
15:21:43 bjt_21: Our school I think is looking at Breeze so I'm glad to hear you think it is a valid alternative.
15:21:44 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Salaam, Hala.
15:21:50 vidaypaz: thanks, Elizabeth
15:21:59 Hala: Salaam,Dennis
15:22:17 ElizabethH-S: Talk to the Webheads, BJ--someone at the WiAOC did a presentation using breeze.
15:22:33 Hala: Yes,this is what I meant
15:22:38 beecharmer: Thanks for participating!
15:22:41 Hala: Thank you very much
15:22:45 bjt_21: Thakn you Elizabeth, I will!
15:23:22 Daf: thanks, Leslie :-)
15:23:29 ElizabethH-S: BJ--that was Susan Bates on Sunday of WiAOC
15:23:33 randa: good to hear you Les
15:23:39 bjt_21: To all who made this session available, thank you so much it is working extremely well!!! jane in Ottawa/Canada
15:23:53 randa: that was a cheap ticket to Tampa
15:24:02 Daf: yes, Randa :-)
15:24:02 vidaypaz: ditto
15:24:09 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Leslie, thanks again for this wonderful presentation. Felicitaao! It was both informative and inspiring!
15:24:19 buthaina: Thanks, Leslie..
15:24:26 vidaypaz: thanks for sharing, Leslie :-)
15:24:33 ElizabethH-S: thanks so much, Leslie--great presentation, as always!
15:24:35 bjt_21: Definitely inspiring!
15:24:42 Perry: Thanks Leslie
15:24:42 buthaina: Clap, Clap, Clap, thanks
15:24:58 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Clap, clap, clap, thanks some more
15:25:04 ElizabethH-S: Clap,CLap,CLAp,CLAP!
15:25:12 beecharmer: one last time http://thaiuo.uoregon.edu
15:25:29 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks, Christine, for your active role in making this happen.
15:25:41 beecharmer: The session will be archived at Worldbridges!
15:25:47 buthaina: Worked, Chris..
15:25:53 Hala: Jeff,thank you very much
15:26:04 buthaina: I mean the last link you posted, Chris
15:26:04 ElizabethH-S: Yes, Dennis--thank you Christine for getting this going! And to Jeff and WB gang for Webcasting us.
15:26:06 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks, Jeff and Dave. What a wonderful service WorldBridges has provided! Kudos!
15:26:12 Daf: I am really glad that finally TESOl has established a webpresence, apart from the EVO sessions!
15:26:22 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Hear, hear, Daf!
15:26:44 vidaypaz: bye all
15:26:45 Hala: hugs

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