Bee Dieu, The Webheads, & Worldbridges - Bee Dieu's Networking on the Net Presentation


Bee Dieu's Networking on the Net Presentation
at the Braz-Tesol 10th National Convention
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Chat Transcript Below

Chat Transcript

You have joined room: Webheads
Nina287: Tere, yes! BaW without you would not be BaW at all!
<michaelc> sent sound: bark
Daf: hi Everybody
Nina287: Hi Daf!
venny: hi
Daf: I was in the Worldbridges chat room
nahir: hi
michaelc: New colour
mike2703: Hi everybody!
mike2703: Hi Nahir!
nahir: Hi, Mike
mike2703: Hello Dafne!
hibbs has joined.
michaelc: John - hello!!! It's been so long
hibbs: Jeff, thanks for mentioning the "right" chatroom, maybe you should post in the other room?
Nina287: Am I in the right place?
michaelc: Nice to see you John
hibbs: you might wish to keep reminding others to join here?
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hibbs: hi all
michaelc: checking private messaging....
osnacantab: osnacantab is Dennis. Hi!
Daf: hi Dennis
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nahir has left.
hibbs: Hi michael C -- from Adelaide?
Nahir has joined.
osnacantab: Hi Daf. Do we have to be logged in somewhere else as well?
venny: anyone want to jion skyecasting at
michaelc: yes John - lovely to see you again! I've been wondering where/how you were!
lee3235 has joined.
lee3235: lee
lee3235: oops
lee3235: Hi all
osnacantab: Hi, Bee.
hibbs: I've been a bit moody and kinda busy, but now engaged in developing GLDTEN, which actually shaping up nicely
michaelc: Good to hear John.
michaelc: except fpr the moody bit maybe!
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hibbs: moody comes and goes. mostly gone, how are you?
michaelc: I'm well John. Like you - v busy/productive. Not moody though
lee3235: hi john
michaelc: You still working in Oregon John?
hibbs: Please suggest to Jeff to remind others on the stream to come here to this chat room vs. the livewire chat room
hibbs: yup, still in Oregon. Nice place.
osnacantab: Hi, all. Sorry Im (Dennis) hidden under my alias. I'm only
hibbs: Hi Dennis
osnacantab: ....looged into chat. Is that enough?
elderbob has joined.
lee3235: hi bob
elderbob: Hi all
osnacantab has left.
michaelc: Hi there Bob
elderbob: John Hibbs, have you been hiding?
elderbob: HI Michael.
hibbs: Hi Bob, nice seeing you again.
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Nina287: Unfortunately I can't join the Skypecast. I have received a new pw from SKype but it doesn't work!
Nina287: I am just going to listen and maybe interject text comments.
Daf: sorry to hear that, Nina
osnacantab has left.
mike3409 has left.
elderbob: Nina, you can hear, right?
Nina287: I can hear fine.
Graham6558 has joined.
Nina287: I've had this problem with skypecasts for several weeks now but I keep forgetting to contact them for help during the week.
Nina287: Out of sight out of mind.
elderbob: and I thought that was me ringing.
elderbob: Nina, I have problems too.
elderbob: I just cut and pasted.
Nina287: What kind of problems, Bob?
elderbob: Yes....thats it.
Nina287: cut and pasted what?
hibbs: Hi Elder Bob - is this coming to you privately? Hibbs
elderbob: Control c and then Control v
elderbob: No john, I am just listening to the stream.
elderbob: I am not on Skype at this moment.
venny has left.
elderbob: I have it turned on, but I am not trying to use voice.
mike654 has joined.
elderbob: Nina, there are several opinions about my problems....the main one seems to be that my machine is not fast enough.
elderbob: Im not sure that is true or not.
teresadeca has joined.
Nina287: With me it seems to be a password problem.
teresadeca: hi, everybody!
Nina287: Hi Tere!
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sheilav has joined.
Nina287: Watched the soccer game yesterday... I was rooting for Portugal.
elderbob: Pal talk has been around a while.
teresadeca: thanks, nina! they had a fabulous reception in lisbon an hour ago!
elderbob: Its a jabber client I think....which means its compatible with Google toak
Nina287: They went far and played great1
elderbob: Google Talk.
michaelc: and from memory there were a lot of ads at Paltalk
Nina287: Today I am rooting for France.
elderbob: Jabber is an open source.
michaelc: but quite a good tool
teresadeca: i agree, nina, but i'm biased ;-)
Nina287: Aren't we all!
teresadeca: true!
elderbob: All Jabber based cleits can be connected.
hibbs: I was rooting for Portugal too, only because of Teressa!
teresadeca: very sweet, john. thank you :-)
Nina287: and our other Portuguese webhead friends
Nina287: what's a cleit?
hibbs: oooh good, here comes Bee!
hibbs: Give her a wee bit of grief for being ten minutes late...not like Bee..
Nina287: There must be some connectivity problems.
michaelc: that's no fair - you know what it's like John!
hibbs: Bet it was not her fault
teresadeca: alo, bee!
hibbs: i was only kidding!!!!
teresadeca: it's brazil, jeff. no wonder the music ;-)
hibbs: Bee is just too reliable and too smart to be late....
Nina287: I can't hear Bee clearly. Can you?
teresadeca: very well
Nina287: That's better.
JeffLebow: she's not saying much yet
hibbs: of course there are connectivity problems....she is as reliable as the sun coming up in the east -- we hear her fine
Nina287: Lots of weird squeaks.
michaelc: Federer beat Nadal 6-0 in first set! (Tennis)
osnacantab: I think the weird squeaks are people!
JeffLebow: Webcasting tip #48 - mute all IM sounds on your machine
Graham6558: Are you watching the tennis as well, Michael? (Now that truly is multi-tasking)
Daf: lol
michaelc: No Graham - just checking live scores at
hibbs: good morning Bee!
teresadeca: it's networking on the net! :-)
michaelc: Nice and clear Bee
Daf: yes
teresadeca: that's webheads for you! all over the world!!!
hibbs: are there (Bee) slides to view?
JeffLebow: there will be when we move to alado
elderbob: I was wrong about Paltalk, it is an AOL product, not Jabber.
sheilav: Great
michaelc: slides at
JeffLebow: you can head there now if you want
venny has joined.
elderbob: So it can intergrate with ICQ, AOL, Yahoo and MSN.
teresadeca: quite a busy bee :-)
Nina287: I went to alado but saw no slides
osnacantab has left.
teresadeca: you need to open the link above, nina
Nina287: the first or send link?
osnacantab has joined.
hibbs: Nina, me too. No slides there? will the audio change streams? should I go there now for alternative audio streams?
Nina287: second
venny has left.
Nina287: I teach at university
sheilav: I have problems with the link
Daf: me too :-)
Daf: copy it and paste it to you browser
teresadeca: shame, sheila. it's a wonderful pres.
teresadeca: keep on trying, sheila
osnacantab: Persistance is supposed to be a quality - Can I ask yet again if we need to be logged into more than just this chat? Dennis
Nina287: I get to the presentation but there seems to be nothing there
Daf: the ppt is great
Nina287: no slides anyway
teresadeca: there's a lot, nina!
Daf: yes, there are many
Nina287: how to see it?
sus_in_Denmark has joined.
Daf: :hugs Sus
mike654: The presentation has got 44 slides
teresadeca: for the participant who just spoke: good for you! way to go!
mike654: You can download it
Daf: lol
teresadeca: hi, sus!
Nina287: link again pls?
teresadeca: join baw and learn!! :-)
Daf: yes, she should join BaW-07
michaelc: excellent - use the students' knowledge!
sus_in_Denmark: hello dear friends
teresadeca: marisa, we're counting on you in baw07
tlev has joined.
Nina287: Ok I got the ppt. What slide is she on?
teresadeca: #4
Daf: 5 now
sus_in_Denmark: Is there a streaming webcast running now?
JeffLebow: yes
teresadeca: true, daf. thanks
Nina287: Sorry--What does ICT stand for?
JeffLebow: and a skypecast
lee3235: are you on alado
teresadeca: info and comm. technologies
sus_in_Denmark: OK - i'm conencting with my mac and it has been out of use for quite a while, so it needed a few updates
lee3235: hi sus
Daf: I am not at Alado yet
mike654: Information and communications technology
JeffLebow: we'll be heading to Alado soon
lee3235: ok
teresadeca: i guess it's rusty, sus ;-)
lee3235: so we are only on this chat and skypecast so far
sus_in_Denmark: at least it was dusty!'
elderbob: I didnt know that a Mac would rust.
Daf: we will go to Alado after slide 21
Graham6558: there's a difference (delay) in audio between the Skypecast and Alado - I'm wondering which one is delayed. Does anyone know? I can't work it out
osnacantab: I can neither click on the URL, nor can I copy it.
lee3235: where are the slides daf?
sheilav: Thats my problem too.
teresadeca: i'm halfway there. only need to log in
Daf: you need to highlight the url and press control C
aaron has joined.
osnacantab has left.
hibbs: For me, when I clicked on the Bee slides, they downloaded to my desktop...I was expecting to view on line...nice slides
hibbs: very nice slides
lee3235: got it ..thanks
Nina287: was away slide # pls?
Graham6558: ok, I've worked it out - there's a delay in Alado
teresadeca: 6
sus_in_Denmark: Interesting - when I try to connect to the skypecast, I keep getting an error telling me it is not a registered protocol
JeffLebow: hmmm
sus_in_Denmark: perhaps my Skype version is out of date as well
Graham6558: If you're listening on the Skypecast and watching the Alado slides, they don't coincide
JeffLebow: you can also try calling +99001110005646424
lee3235: try typing skypecast into your url
lee3235: then put webheadsinaction in the search
hibbs: I hope you can see the slides so you can follow this list of users of net in South America
lee3235: you should be asked to register or login
tlev: i have trouble guessing my own passwords
lee3235: then you can join the skypecast
sus_in_Denmark: I'm logged in on skype and now i can see a window with five participants but hear nothing
Nahir has left.
lee3235: ok
Nahir has joined.
lee3235: go to skype...preferences and check your output and input for audio
sus_in_Denmark: I admit I am not so well prepared for today's session
sus_in_Denmark: ok
elderbob: Sus, try
sheilav: no still cannot get in
sus_in_Denmark: that's the link I came from Bob
elderbob: then on the right, click one of the choices just above Listening Guide.
elderbob: and then the Chat button.
elderbob: Wait...Sus, cant see this.....grrrrrr.
sus_in_Denmark: bob - I am in the chat?
elderbob: Actually, Sus can see this.
elderbob: Yes, I just realized that Sus.
elderbob: On your the top of the page...are there no icons.
hibbs: As usual, Bee is being brilliant, especially with use of the slides...
lee3235 has left.
lee1539 has joined.
tlev has left.
sus_in_Denmark: yes, I do see the icons. I was trying to join the skypecast
sus_in_Denmark: had to make a choice
lee1539: did you go to this site?
sus_in_Denmark: now i'm listening to Bee's voice
hibbs: you can listen to the slides by going to worldbridges and clicking on the real audio icon and listen with real player, very nice
hibbs: whoops...listen to the stream see
sheilav: How can I see the slides
sus_in_Denmark: listen to slides, hehe
lee1539 has left.
sus_in_Denmark: some slides might be visual
hibbs: scroll up for the url to download to your computer and view in powerpoint from your hard drive.
hibbs: thanks jeff
sus_in_Denmark: ok - I think I will abstain from opening more applications on my under-rammed mac
sus_in_Denmark: (it has too little ram)
sheilav: The problem is that the url will not link from the chat
hibbs: These slides are lovely and if anyone knows where they can be viewed on line, please provide url
lee7708 has joined.
lee7708: this gives all the links for today
Nina287: Is tehre a way to watch Bee change the slides rather than trying to change them myself?
JeffLebow: no
lee7708: no i dont htink it is on line
Daf: no, nina you have to change them
hibbs: thank you Lee!
Nina287: so where are we then?
lee7708: ok!
sus_in_Denmark: Bee is right - the education system is really conservative
Daf: slide 11
hibbs: Bee, is exatly right! Lovely to listen to her!
hibbs: no, the slides are not on line, even if you go to the url lee submitted, you still have to download to your hard drive
michaelc: these really are great slides!
Daf: I did not download the pres, I just opened it
Daf: they are indeed, Michael
hibbs: yup, they sure are! Amazing that we (Michael C- others) did not download in advance and view... shame on me!
hibbs: The "trick" -- which we have not learned - is to induce attendees to go to the presention in advance, view, send comments and then have speaker answer questions all the time. Nice work Bee! Very, ver
lee7708: yes, thats how it is set up for only and do it yourself slideshow
lee7708: vry good
Daf: you can open the presentation without downloading it, Lee
sheilav: Got the slides hurrah
lee7708: ok...
lee7708: got it
sheilav: Thanks
teresadeca: good for you, sheila!
Daf: :-)
Daf: and a plan C
hibbs: Later, Daf, you can tell me how to view without downloading. I did not see that option
hibbs: dont miss the Jay Cross slide -- the difference between riding the buss and being captive to it...or riding a bike go where you want
sus_in_Denmark: I am looking at slides now too
osnacantab has joined.
sus_in_Denmark: downloaded
osnacantab has left.
osnacantab has joined.
Daf: great, Sus
Daf: wb, Dennis
sheilav: Denis do you have a storm?
osnacantab: Thanks. Daf. I've been listening, but got lost for chat!
Daf: maybe it is a matter of the browser you are using, Dennis
osnacantab: Could be. I'm a Firefox fellow.
sus_in_Denmark: slide #15
Daf: I am using IE, and I have the options to open or save the pres
sheilav: Great slide
hibbs: Jay Cross has a LOT to say!
sus_in_Denmark: love the analogy of bus versus bike
hibbs: problem is most students and their teachers and expecially administrators want to ride a riding for the brave
sheilav: freelancers are o the bike following the bus!
sheilav: on the bike
hibbs: I would say that the bike riders are in front of the bus
sheilav: they should be
hibbs: "friction causes learning"...nice. I have to remember!
Daf: Bee is totally right
hibbs: as usual, Daf, as usual
sheilav: If they have an expensive bike :
sus_in_Denmark: and if the bike path is safe
hibbs: mmm--- not sure you have to own the bike..cyber cafe can rent the bike.
sheilav: But the courses are expensive
hibbs: and schools should provide bikes free or very low cost
sheilav: No I am talking about freelance teachers with no support.
sus_in_Denmark: many other ways to learn than following formal paid courses Sheila
hibbs: The model for learning from others is Webheads
Daf: Webheads in Action and Becoming a Webhead are FREE
sheilav: Sorry caps lock stuck
sheilav: Yes and they are great
hibbs: everywhere in the world we fight the "piece of paper" problem
sus_in_Denmark: Sheila - we need to work on our portfolio to show what we actually know how to do, even without formal diplomas
michaelc: Distraction" Federer leads Nadal 2 sets to nil (Tennis)
hibbs: the "piece of paper" problem will decline as Bee's ideas take hold, widely -- will take at least a generation IMHO
sheilav: Yes Sus I agree but it is rarely accepted here in Germany they are oly iterested in the piece of paper.
sheilav: I agreeI think I am too old for this revolutio.
hibbs: believe me, here to in USA 'piece of paper '
Daf: should we be moving to Alado?
hibbs: mentality should be the subject of an all day conference
sheilav: A week
hibbs: oh, please don't tell me to move...this is fine right here
michaelc: we are listening Bee!
elderbob: The leap to @.0 world is to change the interest from what the paper needs, to what I as learner want.
elderbob: That should have been 2.0 world.
hibbs: eldeerbob, remind me to talk with you about piece of paper as a major topic
Nina287: folksonomies? foaf?
sheilav: We could do a talk
elderbob: In terms of being able to do something, which is more important, the paper or knowing how to do it.
osnacantab: Sheila. Glad you made it. Dennis
sheilav: Hi Dennis
hibbs: the piece of paper if that is what your prospective employer wants...maybe our audience should be HR departments?
sheilav: Elerbob Kowing how
hibbs: lost the stream???
sheilav: But who am I trying to covice
sus_in_Denmark: I lost bee's voice from the streaming webcast too
sus_in_Denmark: she is back!'
sheilav: convince
hibbs: ah......Jeff, I can stay here and listen in real audio?
JeffLebow: yes
elderbob: I think your prospective employer want the job done, regardless of what is on the paper.
hibbs: thanks
hibbs: but you don't get the job without the 'piece of paper"
Nina287: Where are these definitions going?
sus_in_Denmark: I think the reason for silence was just Bee taking voice comments from the audience
elderbob: You may be forced to show him what you can do, but in the long run, if you know how, and the paper holder doesnt....then you win.
sheilav: You do ot get an interview without the paper
hibbs: Sheilav is piece of paper, no interview
elderbob: John, there are literally thousands of people in the real world doing jobs without degrees.
sheilav: Sorry my n is faulty
elderbob: And they do it because they know how.
sus_in_Denmark: which no. of slide are we at?
elderbob: It may just be a matter of selling yourself.
hibbs: I agree with that ElderBob...but the discussion is worth another time. We all know the problem; none of us know the solution.
teresadeca: 23
sus_in_Denmark: and about developing your social network
elderbob: Im in agreement John.
sus_in_Denmark: thank you Tere :-)
sus_in_Denmark: oh they're having FUN!
sus_in_Denmark: FOAF
hibbs: I love slide 23, please don't miss it.
hibbs: Slide 23 doesn't have POTS - Have we all forgotten plain old telephone? How can that be when the world has gone celular?
sus_in_Denmark: because of the huge costs of telephone in many countries outside the US?
michaelc: the phone is set to make a great comeback John. SMS is the beginning
hibbs: telephone costs are declining, and not just in the USA
sus_in_Denmark: though celll phones are even more costly
michaelc: and I'm told many younger learners are not interesed in pcs - they want content on phones
sheilav: Skype is great
elderbob: The cell phone is a far greater option than the $100. laptop.
sheilav: Yes I agree
elderbob: Ask Albert in Africa.
hibbs: But all of this, especially the cell phone, makes for what I call The Tyranny of the Instant
sheilav: Phones ad PDA's
sus_in_Denmark: my cell phone can have lots of multimedia content, as well as creating it
sus_in_Denmark: which means I can listen to podcasts or viewing slides and movies asynch
hibbs: We also need to involve community radio in the learning many are using ordinary radio in the classroom - should be on slide 23?
mike654: What's the link for Alado?
Nina287: Are we moving somewhere?
elderbob: If Ray Kurzweil is correct, we will just embed a cellular chip and go around talking to ourselves all the time....
sus_in_Denmark: so I find the analog phone more like a tyrant of instant
sus_in_Denmark: noisy Bee!
sheilav: very
hibbs: yes, this is not good...staying here.
osnacantab: Do we stay here?
aaron has left.
Hala has joined.
elderbob: Way too loud
aaron has joined.
elderbob: Hi Hala, and congrats.
hibbs: The sound check is not as good now?
Nina287: Do we need to click on something on Alado?
hibbs: now coming in nice and loud and clear.
hibbs: whoops, not so good, very loud
dave6232 has joined.
sheilav: verry loud
mike654: Where shoudl we click once we are in Alado?
dave6232: gangs all here
dave6232: hi gang
osnacantab: Mike. You can stay in chat.
sheilav: great thanks Dennis
mike654: Ok....
hibbs: Jeff is more than just "participating"; he makes this happen in truly, truly extraordinary ways. Hats off to Jeff!
mike654: I just heard someone talking in Alado! I'm still at a loss!
sheilav: Cheers Jeff
Nina287: Alado keeps refusing me entry! Says user name and password are incorrect. ??
Nina287: I can hear but I can't be there.
osnacantab: and on top of that Jeff has such a pleasant broadcasting voice
sheilav: Taking a risk riding the bike in front of the bus
mike654: Ready!
osnacantab has left.
JeffLebow: Nina, you don't need to enter a password to enter Alado
Nina287: Yes, but I can't get in nonetheless. I am listening but I can't sign in.
Nina287: Maybe there is no "in" to get to?
sheilav: Nina I have the same problem
dave6232 has left.
Nina287: I still can't see what people are talking about. This is frustrating!
sheilav: Can someone please explain how to see thi thaks
JeffLebow: she is currently using this page -
JeffLebow: You should be able to go to
JeffLebow: click log in
JeffLebow: enter name / no password and enter
JeffLebow: if not, then there's some problem with Alado and your computer
sheilav: Will try again
sheilav: Thaks
sheilav: No I cannot get past the blue screen
lee7947: May I have the alado link one more time please
hibbs: All this shows why I should listen and learn more often
sheilav: Thanks for all the help got to go
mike654: Where should we go/click in Learning times?
lee4684: Clap clap clap
lee4684: wheeewee
Nahir: Thank you, great webcast
lee4684: yahoo
lee4684: Thank jeff

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