Becoming a Webhead 2006 Webcast

Becoming a Webhead 2006 Webcast
Jan. 29, 2006

Another very international webcast with the Webheads.  In this case, hosted by Hala & Leanne as part of the Becoming a  Webhead Session of TESOL’s CALL Interest Section’s Electronic Village Online. The show included discussion of what goes on ‘behind the curtain’ of the Worldbridges webcasting machine and how this kind of webcasting can be used in teaching English (or other languages) as a Foreign Language.

Chat Transcript Below
reffat   hi jeff
julia_y   hello everybody, I did it
JeffLebow   Hello all
teresadeca hi julia!
teresadeca seems like we're the first for the cocktail party :-)
ibrahim   Hello dear friends!
teresadeca hi jeff!
teresadeca hi ibrahim!
ibrahim   *beep* Hello Julia!
teresadeca and hello randa
ibrahim   hello Teresa
julia_y   hello, I'm so happy be with you
teresadeca is everybody silent? i clicked on WMP and was listening to the new year's eve webcast
teresadeca isn't the baw cocktail supposed to be here?
JeffLebow   Yes, it is. Scheduled to begin in 48 minutes, but we'll be starting a bit early
teresadeca ok, jeff. thanks :-)
JeffLebow   We're now on the air
JeffLebow   Feel free to skype 'worldbridges'
ibrahim   Sound is perfect
Hala_Sudan Welcome
Sasa   Hi
Hala_Sudan Hi Sasa
Hala_Sudan Hi all
ibrahim   Hi Hala! Thanks for joining
Hala_Sudan Hi Ibrahim
ibrahim   you saved me :)
JeanMichel Hi, Hola, Salut, from Colombia for everybody here
cecirobleda Hi everybody, from Rosario,Argentina
a_lewan   Hello. I see many webheads' names. Is this the right place for the
Hala_Sudan Can you take over the floor for 5 mintues,Ibrahim for welcoming ?
I need to go to lock some doors.
Daf   hello everybody
Hala_Sudan Thank you Ibrahim
ibrahim   Ok
Hala_Sudan Hi
Hala_Sudan daf
JeanMichel Hola vecina. Buenas noticias?
Hala_Sudan brb
Daf   lamentablemente, no JM, todavía no
ibrahim   Welcome dear friends!
Daf   hi Jeff
rentre99   Hi Jeff
ibrahim   I am learning to be a moderator for BaW2006 next year ;)
Daf   way to go, Ibrahim :-)
Leanne   Wow, everybody is here already!
ibrahim   oh sorry for BaW07
cecirobleda I'm sorry Daf about your dad...hope he gets better soon
JeanMichel de todo corazon contigo, animos
Daf   you are speaking to all of us, Jeff :-)
Daf   gracias, MJ
Daf   JM
Leanne   2005, Jeff
Leanne   we haven't had June 2006 yet :-)
Daf   how about Teresa, why don't you take the floor?
Daf   yes, I remember that day :-)
Daf   2005, Jeff
Leanne   hehehe
Daf   lol
Daf   and we were here to greet everybody for the New Year on Dec. 31st.
Leanne   I was here on New Years Eve too Daf
Daf   yes, the birds are still around here
Daf   yes, Leanne, you were here, too
Leanne   thanks, Jeff... you knew you were having guests today ;-)
cecirobleda lol
JeanMichel Hola Teresa, todo bien?
rentre99   Your doing a good job Jeff
Daf   Vance was in the middle of the desert
Leanne   we're expecting about 28 today, Jeff
Leanne   we can hear you typing so fast, JEff
Hala_Sudan heloo.I am back
Daf   I am sorry, but I am not in a speaking mood today,
Jeff, that's why I have not skyped you
Daf   lol
Hala_Sudan *choochoo*
Daf   hi Ilse, welcome!
Hala_Sudan *meow*
Ilse   Hi Daf and all!
Hala_Sudan hi IISe
Daf   Hala, why don't you join Jeff at skype?
Leanne   I am going to too Hala
Daf   or Leanne
Hala_Sudan I am going to now
Ilse   Do I Have to click on WM channel 1 or 2?
Leanne   OK me too
Daf   good :-)
Daf   depends on your connection, Ilse
Ilse   Hi Hala! Hi Leanne!
Daf   I am in channel 2
ibrahim   I am seeing Moira, Cris and others in Yahoo Messenger
Daf   can you give us the link to the frappr map?
Ilse   I'm on broadband
Daf   tell me the difference and I will type it for Ilse
JeffLebow   It's on the right menu of the main page
Daf   map at:
Daf   hi Ceci, welcome to Worldbridges
Leanne   Hi Ilse
cecirobleda Hi everybody!!!
paxi06   Hi there I can hear you very well
Ilse   Hi Leanne!
Daf   Hala, Leanne share with us about your e-moderation?
Leanne   OK
Ilse   I'm going to choose channel 2
Hala_Sudan ok
Daf   we have a wonderful group of active participants
paxi06   Ok I am Peter good to see you
Daf   hi Peter :-)
paxi06   I keep silent, let others do the talking
Daf   you can text-chat
paxi06   That is fine
Leanne   but maybe it's boring
Daf   no, not at all
paxi06   yes but I gueass the guided tour again will show us what to do
Daf   are you listening, Peter?
paxi06   Blue
paxi06   yes
Daf   hi Carla, welcome!
paxi06   I can hear the conversation Jeff is carrying out
Daf   lol
carlaarena hi, daf!
Ilse   now I'm listening, great!!
Daf   Lions, Zebras, elephants
Daf   hi Dough, welcome to Worldbridges
paxi06   *beep*
Daf   hello, Kat, welcome to Worldbridges :-)
DougSymington Thanks Daf, hi everybody
teresadeca what a crowd! fantastic! :D
Daf   to listen to the webcast, click on any of the media player icons below the text chat
KatUrbaniak Hi Daf, hi everyone
teresadeca and you and hala did a great job, leanne. applauds
teresadeca lol
a_lewan   Hello! This is Agata from Poland. Worldbridges appears unavailable
in my Skype window. Is this OK?
Daf   you have learned to post to the BaW-06 blog, Leanne!
teresadeca resistance to technology
Daf   lol
Daf   hi Berta, welcome to Worldbriges
Leanne   oh yes, Daf, thanks - my mind went blank
paxi06   I do not seem to have any problems, I am just silent
Leanne   Hi cris
Daf   Welcome, Cris, and Daniele
Cristina_Costa hi
DanieleA   Hello ;-)
Berta   Hi everyone. Are we supposed to be hearing something?
cecirobleda yes
Daf   yes, Berta, you need to click on any of the media player icons below the text chat
cecirobleda yes berta you shouls be listening to the webcast
Cristina_Costa I was in Yahoo having a great chat w/ Moira, Amanda,Randa and Isbhraim
Cristina_Costa who's talking now?
Cristina_Costa is that Hala?
Daf   we have a chatty crowd in BaW-06
Berta   I already did but can't hear.
Hala_Sudan no
Daf   Jeff, Hala and Leanne
Hala_Sudan from Poland
KatUrbaniak Daf - Im trying to record with audacity, with mic as well but levels are really low.
Any suggestions?
carlaarena can we talk here, dafne, or just listen?
Cristina_Costa :) :D
Leanne   I know it is time to start
Daf   you have to make sure you have the application installed
Cristina_Costa HI Hala
Leanne   just ilsten, Carla
Daf   Windows Media Player
Cristina_Costa my daeer friend!
Daf   or Real Player
Cristina_Costa how r u doing?
Hala_Sudan hi Cris
Hala_Sudan beijinhos
Cristina_Costa beijinhos back to u :D
Cristina_Costa ;)
teresadeca hi, berta and cristina!
Cristina_Costa Hi Tere!
Daf   welcome, Luisa
Cristina_Costa Hi Luisa
teresadeca who's speaking? i missed the name
teresadeca welcome ibrahim
luisa   Hi!
ibrahim   Hi again!
teresadeca welcome luisa
Cristina_Costa hi Ibrahim
Daf   please, turn off the webcast before calling skype
ibrahim   My computer got frozen
Cristina_Costa ?
teresadeca hi, dave!
Nina   Good morning everyone!
Leanne   it's Agata, Teresa
luisa   Teresa, what's your Skype ID
Cristina_Costa HI there!
ibrahim   I am happy so happy to come in again ;)
paxi06   Change to blue?
Daf   Agatha, many of us have used chat with our students
paxi06   YES
Cristina_Costa nice color Paxi ;)
Daf   Personally, I don't like to send my students to public chatrooms
Moira   Hi everyone :-)
dave-on-air greetings
Daf   Welcome, Cora
a_lewan   Hi Daf. Thanks for your suggestions.
DougSymington Hi Moira
teresadeca welcome cora
DougSymington Hi Dave
Daf   hi Bruce :-)
luisa   It has been snowing in Lisbon!!!
corachensa Hugs Daf.
Daf   hello Dave :-)
cecirobleda way to go ani!!! Hi!!!
corachensa hi everyone
Hala_Sudan Great Leanne
cecirobleda are you listening?
Daf   hi Analia
Cristina_Costa HI Leanne!
teresadeca hi analia! :-)
Leanne   Beijinhos, Cris
ESLBruce   Hi everyone!
Cristina_Costa beijinhos leanne!
ibrahim   Thanks Moira and Cris for inviting me to view your webcams
Cristina_Costa Hi mike
corachensa hugs Teresa
teresadeca world of worldbridges! i like that
Cristina_Costa that's ok
Cristina_Costa you have to get one too. It's fun Ibrahim! ;)
mikey   hello everyone (thanks chris for inviting me)
teresadeca hi scott! welcome!
Cristina_Costa me too Tere! ;)
scott-n-tokyo hello Tere and all the rest of the good people. ;)
GrahamStanley hi scott
Daf   hi Scott
ibrahim   Yes I will get one soon - later I'll post two screenshots
DanieleA   what does it mean to take webcast off before skyping in?
carlaarena Hi, scott. nice to see you here too!
Cristina_Costa ok, do that!
scott-n-tokyo is that The James Baker" ??"
SusWebhead HIYA!!
ESLBruce   What you're listening to...
teresadeca lol
Moira   it was a good hands-on learning expience, wasn't it?
teresadeca so windy!!!
Daf   please, let Jeff know if you want to be at skype
paxi06   Shall I type in my skype ID here, so as to be linked
Daf   only 5 people can join at a time
dave-on-air that would be helpful...
SusWebhead Lovely background noise?
Cristina_Costa it was Moira!
acfavaverde hands on but webcams off
carlaarena erika is my friend from Brazil
luisa   I can't hear anything, can you?
paxi06   paxi06 is Peter
SusWebhead hello Erika
Cristina_Costa well, we managed it at the hand, didn't we ladies!?;)
Ilse   very windy!!
teresadeca erika is in brasilia.
ESLBruce   luisa , have you opened up a player at the bottom of the screen?
acfavaverde i think it was a great experience but still confused!
teresadeca that's the way to go, erica! :-)
Cristina_Costa we have to practice more
Cristina_Costa :)
Leanne   Thanks, Dave
acfavaverde a rambling webcast mmm?
luisa   Thanks Bruce!
acfavaverde i think i need more lipstick!
Leanne   Hala and I win the pop quiz!!!
Moira   lol Amanda
ESLBruce   YOu look fine, Acta!
Hala_Sudan lol
Cristina_Costa :D
SusWebhead oh - so THAT's what rabmling means - that's what Dave is doing as a natural talent
Hala_Sudan :D
Leanne   Hi Sus!
acfavaverde so webcast is live, podcasting is asynch?
GrahamStanley that's right!
SusWebhead Mr Stanley I presume!
GrahamStanley blush
ESLBruce   :D
Cristina_Costa exactly
Ilse   Hi Graham
teresadeca hi, graham! glad to see you here!
Daf   is that you, dear Sus in Denmark?
Leanne   Scott in Tokyo - I hope we will hear your wonderful radio voice sometime
scott-n-tokyo does the same distinction apply between webheads and podheads??
ESLBruce   right!
Moira   ohh better on the ears :-)
SusWebhead :hugs dear Daf in venezuela!!
carlaarena hi, graham, great to see you again today!
SusWebhead That's exactly me
teresadeca this is quite a turnout!
GrahamStanley Hi carla
acfavaverde that's us!
a_lewan   Is thre a point in recording this session,
or will it be available later on for further revision?
Daf   :waves hi to Graham
Daf   it will be posted later to the Worldbridges page
Leanne   This is being recorded as part of the webcast
Moira   yes
dave-on-air we love graham!
GrahamStanley I'm trying to persuade Scott to join me in this efl webcast show
a_lewan   OK
GrahamStanley and anyone else who fancies lending a hand
teresadeca i'm listening to you for the first, james! what a thrill! :-)
dave-on-air scott's probably afraid...
GrahamStanley we love dave and jeff!
acfavaverde ha webhead uni!
ESLBruce   James, you might move your mike back a bit.
Hala_Sudan good question
Daf   yes, he is so shy, Dave ;-)
carlaarena scott is around, graham!
ESLBruce   Good luck James!
Cristina_Costa webhead University - I like that !!
SusWebhead James who please, in California ?
dave-on-air i've noticed that about him
Hala_Sudan me too
Cristina_Costa :)
Leanne   James Bakker, Sus
Daf   it was love at first sight
JeffLebow   James Bakker
SusWebhead Ah, mr.Bakker! good to hear you
Hala_Sudan skype
GrahamStanley I know carla - but he's an expert multi-tasker
GrahamStanley in life as on the Web
Leanne   James, are you not vidaypaz"?"
Daf   yes, he is
carlaarena lol
acfavaverde go to the main room
Daf   what hugging is
Daf   he is vidaypaz
teresadeca we're a crowd of 34! fa-bu-lous!!! :-))
SusWebhead so good to know your identity!!!
Daf   yes, I have jotted down the names
dave-on-air more more more
SusWebhead let's oplay hide-and seek online
GrahamStanley hi teresa - is it as cold in Lisbon as it is in Barcelona?
reffat   how can I tell who is in the skype conference??
carlaarena in Brasilia is really hot!
teresadeca yes. it's snowing very lightly here in lisbon, which is very exciting, graham
luisa   it 's just snwed here in Lisbon
JeanMichel Snowing in Barcelona?
GrahamStanley they should introduce themselves rffat
ESLBruce   Are you going to talk about the mechanics to webcasting and plugging in Skype?
GrahamStanley that's the only way
Cristina_Costa it's quite cold although
Nina   Since YM conferences can accommodate lots of people,
why did you choose to use Skype today instead of YM?
Cristina_Costa I almost frozen when I got out the house this morning!
Cristina_Costa brrrrr!
Leanne   I'm thinking to introduce webcasting/podcasting Nina
ESLBruce   The audio quality is much better in Skype.
Moira   Can anyone ask this question re skype: hwo can the webcams work in conference calls?
GrahamStanley better quality Nina
Moira   We only got it working with two people
teresadeca welcome adriana!
Nina   Yes, the quality is really great.
Moira   as soon as we had three, the photos appeared and no webcam
SusWebhead Hej Niels, godt at se dig lige her og nu
ESLBruce   How cold is it Cristina?
AdrianaMaddaloni Thank you
analiad   Hi everybody, here I am but i can't hear anything. should I be?
SusWebhead Niels, click on one of the Media plsuers to listen to the lice voice webcast
AdrianaMaddaloni I'm just Shyly finding my way round things
dave-on-air it is necessary to turn your webcast off before joining the show
eelenaciobanu I, too, Adriana
Nina   What the heck is going on? I hear two channels...
SusWebhead hehe
SusWebhead there's an echo
paulaemmert Yeah- I found that out the hard way at the EVO kickoff. Thanks for the great editing!
Moira   two voices
ESLBruce   Amanda needs to turn off her webcast.
carlaarena we can listen to a lot of people!!!
mikey   double dave... nice
SusWebhead someone did not turn off his streaming webcast when enerting the Skype call
GrahamStanley this is what happens Nina when someone skypes in and doesn't turn her speakers off
paxi06   There was an echo a bit of fun
Cristina_Costa lots of noice!
Cristina_Costa noise
Ilse   yeah lots of noise
Daf   45 people in the room :-)
DougSymington Skype callers have to turn off the stream BEFORE joining the conversation
Moira   and my question please???
How many people can have a webcam on in a conference call in skype?
ESLBruce   How do you patch in the Skype into the webcast?
scott-n-tokyo dave needs a touch more modulation :p
SusWebhead incredible 45 people in one chat room here! from all over the world
vidaypaz   what do you meanby stable"?"
DougSymington Moira, I've never been able to get more than 2 cameras to work in Skype
acfavaverde ok so who called me on skype? was that u Chris?
dave-on-air viday - it crashes
Barbara-in-Ohio Skype is stable but only if your network can allow it
Cristina_Costa I don't think so
Cristina_Costa if I did I didn't mean it!
Moira   Thanks Doug
GrahamStanley ESLBruce, I think you'd need a week for Jeff and Dave
to be able to tell you the answer to that one
Cristina_Costa yeah! we experienced that today!
Ilse   how do you make the connection between skype and worlbridges at the same time?
dave-on-air hi barbara
acfavaverde i was listening to the webcast and i got invited to the conference!
Barbara-in-Ohio hi dave
teresadeca yes, jeff! that would be great!
carlaarena elluminate is great in this sense!
Nina   What's the url for?
ESLBruce   Thanks, Jeff!
Barbara-in-Ohio busy day here
Moira   that's what we expereinced toda
paxi06   I clicked on a previous given addrass and it never tokk me to the place
Daf   we are having a Becoming a Webhead, session, Barbara
Moira   Yes, I believe too that whiteboard in skype would be great
Barbara-in-Ohio Good morning Daf... como sigue tu papa?
paxi06   so do I click on it and go there?
Cristina_Costa we will have to propose that to the company, won't we? ;)
scott-n-tokyo from another chat room, how do you manage turn taking in Skype conference calls??
Daf   so so, Barbara, thanks
Leanne   Good question Scott
ESLBruce   Thanks!
Barbara-in-Ohio Scott: you try not to talk over the other person...
Skype just makes it messy if you talk ontop of the other person
acfavaverde this is complex
paulaemmert whew! *)
acfavaverde love the smiley
acfavaverde hi randa
Leanne   Ahhh a mac user, eh, Daf!
teresadeca lol
Barbara-in-Ohio Randa: are you here from Effat College?
Cristina_Costa hi randa!
ibrahim   I need to go home now. It is 21:22
paxi06   Boy ! mouse right button Change font size real help
Daf   you can detach the chat window
teresadeca 1, 2 , 3 , 4! probably more! ;-)
Leanne   maybe Dave knows if he can use voice in YM on a mac ;-)
Cristina_Costa by Ibrahim. nice chatting to u
Moira   Bye Ibrahim - see you on webcam next time ;-)
ESLBruce   No voice in YM
ESLBruce   for mac
ibrahim   I really enjoyed this webcast chat both in Worldbrdiges and Yahoo Messenger
teresadeca bye, ibarhim. tks for coming. have a nice week!
Daf   bye, Ibrahim, thanks for coming
acfavaverde How can u detatch chat window?
Daf   wb, Doug
ibrahim   See you all! *bleep*
Cristina_Costa ;)
DougSymington thx Daf
Daf   third icon from right to left
Cristina_Costa take care Ibrahim!
acfavaverde great thanks Daf
KatUrbaniak Daf - Im recording with audacity today :-)
GrahamStanley we tried to use voice with YM today and it doesn't work
SusWebhead This is a big problem with mac & Yahoo
DougSymington does Macromedia Breeze work on Mac?
GrahamStanley on a Mac
GrahamStanley so I thin the answer is no
GrahamStanley think
acfavaverde We managed to use YM and voice today
teresadeca no she isn't
acfavaverde ah but not on MAC
scott-n-tokyo YM voice is prohibited on Macs!!
SusWebhead you're oldtimers
Leanne   Hi Berta
scott-n-tokyo so what has been the big news with the BaW session??
paxi06   lol lol lol
Daf   251 participants, Scott
Daf   very active guys
vidaypaz   wow!
scott-n-tokyo some of us are visiting from the podcasting elt session
SusWebhead I'm happy we have only 151 participantsin the EVO co-blog workshop!!
Berta   Hi Leanne. Still no sound but I'll just read and listen to session later
teresadeca hi, laine! long time no see!!
GrahamStanley hi laine
Daf   I think you have to configure your sound system, Berta
lainemarsh hi tere
SusWebhead Graham is our EVO podcasting guy
lainemarsh finally found this chat room....been wondering where everyone was
SusWebhead we're learning to say Buth!!!
lainemarsh gotta love that graham!
carlaarena yes, graham is the guy on podcasts!
Berta   :I have tried several times
SusWebhead she has even recorded aOdeo for us to learn
Cristina_Costa :D
albastrica421 where does podcasting come from? can anybody answer me? i would like to know.
Barbara-in-Ohio one does not have to broadcast skype calls as Jeff and Dave
are doing to benefit from them as a learning tool
cecirobleda jeff could you explain how to skype in again, because
Analia, one of our BaWers, has just logged in
(she's been having some trouble listening to the webcast
)and missed that explanation?
DougSymington we hear it here too
Barbara-in-Ohio it is possible to record a two way conversation in Skype and then listen to that
Daf   hi Erika
DougSymington Barbara--yes with Audacity
SusWebhead it does NOT rhyme on Ruth
erikacruvinel Hi Daf. I am glad I found you.
cecirobleda I think analia has skyped off
ESLBruce   Do you do that successfully, Barbara? I have the Skype session crash when I tried it in Audacity.
erikacruvinel Sorry for all the mess.
KatUrbaniak Ipod + broadcast = podcast
Daf   yes, you finally made it here, Erika :-)
lainemarsh 199 people in our group and he responds to any and all of them
Hala_Sudan how can I mute the welcoming messages sound?
Barbara-in-Ohio ESL Bruce:Mac or PC
teresadeca he will on tuesday
Cristina_Costa check podcast here :
Daf   Michael's session at YM was recorded using Audacity
paxi06   OK how do I copy thi s address???
albastrica421 but what about ipod please?
cecirobleda nobody is graham!!!!
cecirobleda lol
Cristina_Costa just click on it
lainemarsh we are active!!!
SusWebhead we would need also a Staying Alive Webheads session soon
paxi06   Ok it does not work
Cristina_Costa very active!!!!
paxi06   no popups???
KatUrbaniak an ipod is an mp3 player
cecirobleda lol
Daf   iPod is a brand for Apple MP3 player
lainemarsh podomatic vs. odeo the fight begins
SusWebhead yes,PodOmatic is simlpe
albastrica421 thanks a lot!
cecirobleda right sus!!
Leanne   What is that, Sus? Staying Alive" webheads?"
Nina   Is there a plan for this conference? It seems to be rambling all over the place!
dave-on-air hi nina...
Leanne   yes, Nina, I agree
SusWebhead do you know , green peas grow in small pods
dave-on-air it's a webcasting q&a
christinLo   Hala, I'm interested too, how can we mute this sounds?
teresadeca graham, you need to listen to the podcast in my students' blog
dave-on-air supposedly
ESLBruce   Maybe we are distracting them...I didn't help with my question...
Daf   Nina, this session is for you to get acquainted with webcasting
carlaarena tere, i loved your student's podcast!
scott-n-tokyo I thought it was Sunday 5th at 23:00 Tokyo time.
Daf   hi Dennis, welcome!
Nina   It seems pretty similar to other events we've had.
teresadeca i know, carla. i saw your enthusiastic post. tks
JeffLebow   No distraction at all Bruce.... Sorry I couldn't answer more clearly
Dennis   Worldbridges hugs.
teresadeca lisbon hugs, dennis :-)
carlaarena I would be glad to be part of this group, graham!!!
Cristina_Costa (((( Dennis)))))
analiad   (((Dennis)))
ESLBruce   It was fairly clear, Jeff.
cecirobleda in that case you'd ahve to convert webcasts into podcasts, right?
Nina   How do people use webcasting with ESL classes?
GrahamStanley thanks carla
Nina   (or EFL)
Leanne   good question NIna, you read my mind
Daf   you can bring guest speakers, Nina
teresadeca nina, imagine a class in a live session with teachers all over the world!
Daf   you can have students present online for an audience abroad
Leanne   thanks Dave
teresadeca or with peers
carlaarena i think you could have students from different parts of the world interacting.
Nina   How would you arrange this? Who has time to do it?
cecirobleda that would be great tere!!!
teresadeca it's not hard, nina
Cristina_Costa that would be great Tere!
mikey   i a fan of the rambling
Nina   Thanks!
cecirobleda lol!!!
cecirobleda lol

last year i had my 6th graders voice chatting with aiden and
agata thru YM. it didn't take much preparation

Barbara-in-Ohio are there teachers of languages other than English here?
ESLBruce   Rambling rose, rambling rose, how I ramble, no one knows...It was a folk song...
Daf   once you are a webhead, you will find teachers who will accept
your invitation to interact with your students
Randa_Effat I would like to learn more ideas of how do webcasts in ESl
Hala_Sudan webcast for teacher professional development ?I think we can invite Tere
christinLo   Yes, Barbara, I'm a teacher of French!
teresadeca nat king cole, right, bruce?
teresadeca isn't this a good example today, hala?
Daf   We have to use our imagination on how to integrate technology in our courses
Hala_Sudan yes
mmvmaru   I lost the audio, let me try to get it again
teresadeca i accept the invitation, hal. gladly
Cristina_Costa heheeh
lainemarsh just call her Buth
Daf   Buth has asked to be called Buthaina, Laine
Leanne   HI Christine (Lombaerts)
cecirobleda can you turn webcasts into podcasts?
scott-n-tokyo Webcast ESL/EFL Karaoke - it can't miss!
christinLo   Hi Leanne!
ESLBruce   Right....not really a folk song...
Lucy   bye
vidaypaz   Bruce: you should invite Carolyn Graham to one of these
Nina   So it's up to us to figure out how to use it...
dave-on-air cecir - yes, this will be a podcast when we'red one
carlaarena I had that experience with susan gaer in Skype.
Students asked me questions about brazilian food and I answered and sent files with photos.
ESLBruce   Jazz chants?
cecirobleda thanks dave!
Ilse   What's your opinion about videopodcasts? what are the best for EFL classes?
vidaypaz   yes
Randa_Effat are there databases with podcasts with native speakes voices
that can be drawn upon in the language classroom
Daf   if the webcast is recorded as mp3,you can, Cecilia
teresadeca we've done live webcasts with students at alado, too
ESLBruce   Yes!
dave-on-air randa - many
SusWebhead I think people do need to know how to use it themselves before working with students
Nina   I'm not very clear as to how one would set up a webcast--
other than a Skype conference but as you point out that limits participants to 5.
Daf   RAnda, I have invited webheads to record podcasts for my students
carlaarena yes, randa. there are tons of podcast that you can use in the classroom!
teresadeca randa, take a look at my OLE page for that
Nina   How can more than 5 people hear the conference, as we are doing here?
DougSymington in many cases, students may be able to show educators how to make audio files,
then it's a matter of posting them....
Nina   Do you need a place" like Worldbridges to do this?"
Leanne   Nina, only 5 can be in the Skype conference, to talk
Barbara-in-Ohio Buthaina and I will be doing ESL/Arabic exchanges this semester...
here is a link to what we have done thus far:
teresadeca take a look her, randa
carlaarena podcastalley
Nina   I presume there will be a summary of this with links later...
Leanne   hahaha Carla
paxi06   Atiil I calnnot copy wed addresses
DougSymington Nina, you'd need to stream from a server, so yes for more to hear you'd need a server
paxi06   neither can I click on them
a_lewan   I use npr and BBC archives and record the stream in Audacity. Problem: copyright.
SusWebhead there's a podcast directory
ESLBruce   click on them and another window opens. Then you can bookmark them
Nina   We have our own server in our multimedia lab. Could one theoretically set it up there?
SusWebhead but this is not for edcation only
Barbara-in-Ohio David Warlick's EPN:
dave-on-air nina - yes you can
Randa_Effat barabara, Buth I am arabic speaking as well, if there is anything I can help out with,
DougSymington Nina, yes
SusWebhead WE LOVE you Worldbridges
ESLBruce   But you do need a dedicated server ,and not just a host?
Barbara-in-Ohio yes Randa! where are you located?
dave-on-air doug - too slow
SusWebhead rent-a-stream! sounds smart
Nina   We have two wonderful tech assistants in our lab...
Assuming they don't already know how to set it up, where could they find out?
vidaypaz   Bruce, anotther window doesn't oopen for me...
I only get a blocked popup message...when I click on it it logs me out of the Worldbridges chatroom
Dennis   Who are you - i.e. World Bridges? (Public?)
JeffLebow   Not sure what you mean Dennis?
ESLBruce   Oh...I guess that's your browser setting...I am in Firefox.
elderbob   Hello, all.
teresadeca and there's a lot of text flying!!!
Barbara-in-Ohio are we supposed to move to another room if we have specific questions?
Nina   I feel that it's very challenging to concentrate on the actual
talk while also following the chatroom life"."
SusWebhead do you really have six chat rooms ?
Barbara-in-Ohio yes Nina
Dennis   I mean is World Bridges part of an organisation, part of a university?
SusWebhead Nina,you will learn that
cecirobleda yes, nina.. it's hard for me too!
SusWebhead I've been away for a while
DougSymington but I'm giving bad info ;)
Nina   If it's tough for me to multi-task like this, how much tougher it must be
for non-native English speakers. Kudos to all of you!
ESLBruce   Yes, I admire you!
lucy   Is there a good place to find foreign-language podcasts
teresadeca it needs practice, nina
Leanne   Hi Cheryl, we missed you!
cecirobleda yes lucy
SusWebhead the beauty of being a Webhead - Fun, patience and helpfulness
teresadeca hi, cheryl
cecirobleda i've found some myself
ESLBruce   If you use a Podcast aggregator like Juice, you can find foreigh languages grouped.
lucy   Where did you look ceciro
SusWebhead no panic!
lainemarsh if it goes by too fast, did you know you can right click the copy content
and it stays still and you can expand it -- that is our text chat
cecirobleda let me find teh page where there's a collection of sites where there are podcasts
lucy   Oh great, thnx bruce
DougSymington lol
SusWebhead sometimes we can almost hear those spining brains
dave-on-air hee hee. hi doug
carlaarena lucy, you asked about podcasts for lg, try englishcaster
elderbob   If you are in the US and are willing to pay the long distance cost,
I am in the teleconference line.
Randa_Effat I don't wnat to interrupt, but would like to try skyping in
SusWebhead ah - this is Hala from Sudan!
GrahamStanley is a good place to start to look for podcasts for esl/efl students
GrahamStanley aha carla1 you beat me to it
teresadeca i have
lucy   Does enlgishcaster do other languages? I'm looking for hindi, thai, albanian etc.
SusWebhead lolol
Cristina_Costa HI tere!
elderbob   No teleconference this morning?
GrahamStanley i'm afriad not lucy - the dirtectory at ipodder is a good place to start for that
SusWebhead I hear you loud and clear - snow in Parede!
lucy   thnx
DougSymington think someone on-air has the stream running
luisa   it was great!!!
ESLBruce   I just googled Hindi podcast and I found that there are many on the
carlaarena lucy, take a look at with lesson plans
Sasa   will the chatlog be available after the session?
Cristina_Costa :)
Leanne   yes Sasa
Sasa   great
Barbara-in-Ohio for an example of how to use these tools as for language teaching and learning...
might I plug the show that Dave and jeff have helped me create a webcast
called language lab unleashed.
Sasa   have you ever had snow in Sudan, Hala?
Hala_Sudan no
Randa_Effat lost sound
carlaarena in brazil, neither!
ESLBruce   global warming?
Hala_Sudan I have never touched a snow ball
Hala_Sudan how a pity
dave-on-air they are very fun
KatUrbaniak wow hala
Niels   How many webcams can be seen in a conference in SKYPE ver 2.0 - 5 ?
Hala_Sudan pity me
dave-on-air i do
ESLBruce   pity
JeffLebow   webcams only work one on one
Leanne   Hala I will send you a snowball
SusWebhead Zota!!
Nina   Hi Zota!
elderbob   Does this mean there will be no teleconference?
carlaarena and i'm carlota, teresa!
dave-on-air elderbob
dave-on-air the teleconference is not tied in
elderbob   Hi Dave.
Hala_Sudan with a deep freezer with
ESLBruce   We don't have snow here, but we can drive 50-100 km when it is cold.
erikacruvinel In Brazil your nickname would be Tête.
elderbob   OK...
Daf   teresinha
dave-on-air sorry
elderbob   Its ok....
elderbob   I can hear you fine
ESLBruce   Great audio!
Cristina_Costa hi!:)
dave-on-air there are alot of people in this chatroom
Hala_Sudan Cris,maybe you could come abd pronouce bejinhos
luisa   Am I not?!!!
Daf   51 the last time I counted
KatUrbaniak that was tere's pronunciation lesson ;-)
Cristina_Costa :)
AdrianaMaddaloni I have AnalíaD on the yahoo messenger
lucy   So google is really the place to look for podcasts Bruce?
ESLBruce   I count 43 now.
Sasa   what is bejinhos?
AdrianaMaddaloni She can´t enter the Skype I think
AdrianaMaddaloni Can sombody help her?
carlaarena lucy, there are some nice directories that graham could give to you1
erikacruvinel beijinhos are kisses
ESLBruce   I'd say that's a fair statement. Just type in Podcast and what kind you are looking for.
carlaarena beijinhos are little kisses!
Nina   So when are Jeff and Dave's regular webcasts on Worldbridges?
lucy   There's snow and minus temperatures here in munich
Sasa   thanks
Daf   if she wants to speak she can write here her skype ID for Jeff to call her
GrahamStanley join us for the esl webcast teresa /zota /tere!
Daf   you can see their schedule on the main page, Nina
teresadeca wow! like that druming
Nina   OK, great!
teresadeca the one and only hala!!!
JeffLebow   We usually webcast EdtechTalk at 6pm GMT on SUndays
Daf   they are here every Sunday at 18:00 GMT, but there are other sessions, too
DougSymington hey, hey BC
teresadeca may i skype in before the end again?
Daf   but this is the humble Hala
Nina   Canada--keep your identity apart from us, please!
Hala_Sudan yes
dave-on-air we're doing our best
Hala_Sudan the only humble one
GrahamStanley lucy, you can also try
teresadeca lol
DougSymington Anyone worrying about Canadians being engulfed" by
US culture only needs to watch Trailer Park Boys ;)"
elderbob   LeAnne is a bus driver.
AdrianaMaddaloni Analía says her ID in Skye is analiad
AdrianaMaddaloni If somebody can call her in
Nina   The entire chatlog is going to be really unwieldy.
Will there be a summary of main points and URLs, maybe?
Leanne   A bus driver eBob?
GrahamStanley are you volunterring to edit, Nina?
Hala_Sudan Randa?
Leanne   my husband drives our bus ;-)
cecirobleda lucy.. at last.. here goes the page with podcasts i told you about...
Nina   No, no! No time!
elderbob   Dont you drive around in a bus Leanne?
GrahamStanley :)
scott-n-tokyo was elderbob ever able to reach the teleconference line? Or is it down again?
Hala_Sudan Randa?
ESLBruce   I've found that most podcasts subscribe to many different services..
.Yahoo, Itunes, etc. so you can usually find them in many places.
GrahamStanley of Canada, Dave?
Cristina_Costa too noisy...I must say :(
carlaarena nina, i'm bookmarking all the links and they will be available soon
elderbob   No, Scott, the teleconference is not streaming in today.
Hala_Sudan is this RAnda
Nina   That's great, Carlota!
Hala_Sudan or Ana?
Hala_Sudan analia?
Leanne   yes, eBob, we do have a greyhound bus that we travel around in, but I usually don't drive it
analiad   Hi Hala
Daf   Carla, I have added your links to the site, so your links will be there too :-)
elderbob   For those who want to copy off the contents of the Chat room, the
Fifth icon from the lect is the copy icon.
elderbob   Click it and a new window opens and brings up a copyable version of the chat.
elderbob   Copy it over to your wordprocessor and save.
cecirobleda here's another good site for podcasts
Daf   this is the
Nina   I've noticed that when I leave and come back, I've lost the previous chatlog.
Is that a link to the whole 9 yards?
elderbob   So LeAnne is tour director on a bus?
dave-on-air ?
Leanne   I'm the navigator eBob
dave-on-air that's the second time i've read that comment
scott-n-tokyo I thought I heard him before
dave-on-air what are we talking about?
GrahamStanley Nina, it will be posted later
ESLBruce   so where are we, Leanne?
Nina   Yes, I know; I was referring to the advice about the copy icon", Graham."
cecirobleda another one http.//
elderbob   Nina, switch to Firefox browser or upgrade to the new IE that has tabe...
then open a new tab and open a different link without signing out of here.
Leanne   I'm in Kamloops, BC Canada, Bruce...where are you?
ESLBruce   I think it is probably just what's in your window.
Nina   I don't use IE. I use Netscape. IE has too many popups.
ESLBruce   How about the webcast bus"?"
GrahamStanley the buscast?
KatUrbaniak I have to go now. Thank you Jeff and Dave.
teresadeca lol graham
Hala_Sudan bye Kat
Leanne   See you Kat!
ESLBruce   or the buscacast?
Sasa   I'm afraid I have to leave now - thanks and bye everybody
Hala_Sudan bye Sasa
Leanne   See you Sasa
GrahamStanley it already exists:
elderbob   The copy window shows the entire chat since you logged on...
.however, Dave's idea of getting the archived version from the website is better.
cecirobleda and..
Leanne   Thanks Graham, I didn't know
GrahamStanley another great directory ceci
Nina   How exactly does one turn the webcast off--do you have to close the window?
cecirobleda they are posted in your session Graham pdcasting_elt!! they're fantastic!
GrahamStanley well volunteered Nina!
teresadeca lol, nina!!!
scott-n-tokyo the skype echotest is also a good way to practice if you don't have anybody to call.
Nina   Excuse me? Be the leader on what??
ESLBruce   HA lol
ESLBruce   Editing the script of the chat.
Leanne   Volunteer to edit the text chat, Nina
GrahamStanley I vote for Nina
Nina   Chatroom sorter.... Hmmm
cecirobleda lol
teresadeca i also vote for nina
ESLBruce   Bravo!
Leanne   for free, Nina
Barbara-in-Ohio I can help sort
Nina   I respectfully decline...this time.
dave-on-air lol
JeffLebow   One turns the webcast off by either pressing the stop button or closing the program
Barbara-in-Ohio what topics would people like to follow
Moira   lol
scott-n-tokyo can't it be collected through a script?
Nina   So having turned it off, one has to start the whole thing over again later.
JeffLebow   click play again or start the program again
DougSymington Nina, it's the streaming audio you turn off. You can leave your web browser open
JeffLebow   Nina, would you like to join the skype conference?
Barbara-in-Ohio yes, the chat room text is archived and can be reviewed later.
Nina   Thanks, Jeff, I'm happy just listening and typing in!
teresadeca and it's keeping you busy, right, cheryl?!
GrahamStanley some people have signed up for three! I don't know how they do it
teresadeca great to hear that, cheryl
Nina   This one class is keeping me very busy!
julia_y   sorry, must be off, was very informative. Thank you very much.
carlaarena I tried three, but it's really impossible!!!
GrahamStanley bye julia
Nina   Bye, Julia. Dosvidanya!
scott-n-tokyo That's a great promo for worldbriges and EVO - hope you guys recorded it.
teresadeca bye, julia
dave-on-air no. not recording this one scott
DougSymington oh, yes we are ;)
teresadeca me pls
dave-on-air what, doug, are you backing things up?
Moira   can people who are not signed up in a group access the other groups after the 6 week event?
DougSymington Dave have Audacity running
dave-on-air you're a good man doug
cecirobleda great!
teresadeca not humble, hala. a true webhead
GrahamStanley yes, Moira - we have an enrolment key for our Moodle, but we'll let anyone join us who wants to (ELT Podcasting)
Niels   Niels from Oslo wants to try a SKYPE -talk?
sue   I would like to hear from Graham about how he feels the Podcasting course is going...
but then, perhaps he has already done so since i was late getting in!
Moira   Oh, taht's absolutely great Graham!!
paulaemmert Yes Moira- you're welcome to access the materials at Creating WebQuests.
ESLBruce   since everything is archived on the Yahoo site, I think the answer for letters, etc. is yes.
The larger things would depend on those sites where they are .
Cristina_Costa gonna send u some wrapped on a hug :
Cristina_Costa :)
Nina   Snow is lovely until it gets blackened by car exhaust.
Hala_Sudan me me me
GrahamStanley sue, I think it's going well - I've already been on.
Hala_Sudan blushing
ESLBruce   snow is cold and highly over-rated...
Moira   Paula and Graham, thanks :-)
Hala_Sudan without snow,though
scott-n-tokyo Is next week really Super Sunday? Who is playing?
GrahamStanley I'm really pleased to see so many people (207) and so much activity so far
sue   great Graham!! I think it's great - It blows me away, actually!!
DougSymington scott--pittsburgh and seattle
Daf   sorry, I need to leave for the hospital
Cristina_Costa Yes - Hala and Leanne are Great moderators!
Nina   Thanks to JEff and Dave!
luisa   how's your dad, Daf?
Cristina_Costa Clap! clap! Clap!
JeffLebow   Our thoughts are with you Daf
ESLBruce   Wishes and prayers go with you, Daf! Hug!
paulaemmert All the best Daf. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers...hugs
GrahamStanley I'm happy Sue - it's all down to the people who are all contributing, like yourself!
Ilse   Daf is everything ok?
analiad   (((Hala & Leanne))))
Cristina_Costa beijinhos ... did u hear that, Hala?!
Daf   thanks everybody :-) and especially Jeff, Dave, Hala and Leanne
carlaarena daf, hope ur dad is better.
Hala_Sudan I am saying it now
analiad   CONGRATS!!!!!!
scott-n-tokyo Well said, Tere!!
Nina   Is there any way to know who is talking?
Cristina_Costa ((((Hala)))
corachensa Take good care, Daf
elderbob   Moira, I know that the Web Presence group will be continueing after the six weeks is over.
Cristina_Costa (((Leanne)))
carlaarena leanne
Leanne   thanks all
Moira   what exactly does that mean Bob?
Ilse   Graham is there a live chat at the podcasting session today?
Leanne   beijinhos to Joao please, Tere
cecirobleda yes!!! bravo Leanne and Hala!
paulaemmert I must go. Have a great week everyone!
teresadeca tks, leanne
Cristina_Costa bye paula
GrahamStanley Ilse, we had a live text chat earlier
carlaarena Thanks, leanne, hala, tere, and daf1
elderbob   That means that you will be able to visit all the materials from the six weeks class later, just no moderators.
AdrianaMaddaloni I'm interested in accessing the material fro Creating WEbquests too. How can I do that?
Nina   Thanks everyone!
teresadeca very well pronounced, jeff
elderbob   There will also be an ongoing yahoo group.
erikacruvinel Thanks everyone!
Moira   Wonderful - thanks Bob
corachensa Bravo, Leanne and Hala!
GrahamStanley we can organise more next week if you like, but I don't think I can do another one today
Nina   In YM last week, the speaker was marked.
cheryl   This was a great show I finally got in at the end.
Nina   It's been fun!
teresadeca thanks, everyone, for being here today.
paulaemmert Hi Adriana, you can just e-mail at the group. the info is on the EVO website and I'd be happy to add you. You can access at your leisure later.
elderbob   The different courses all have their own options on how to preserve their materials.
a_lewan   Thanks to all the moderators. Great job! It's been all very interesting.
elderbob   Most links will be on the webheads
Ilse   I thought there was someting at 2:00 GMT
teresadeca very good leanne
carlaarena it's right!!!
paulaemmert E-mail me at the group""
Cristina_Costa yes, is quite close Leanne!
corachensa Many thanks, Jeff and Dave!
carlaarena jeff and dave, thanks!
Cristina_Costa lets do it!
ESLBruce   Thanks! Great job!
AdrianaMaddaloni Thanks Paula . I had enrolled in the group originally but , being my first time, I find it difficult to cope with only one!!
GrahamStanley thanks to jeff and dave!
scott-n-tokyo Good by everyone. Thanks for the fabulous webcast session!!
luisa   it's corREct, LEANNE
Leanne   See you Scott
Cristina_Costa thanks Hala, Leanne, Jeff and Dave
GrahamStanley and to all of you in the chat room!
paulaemmert I totally understand! Best of luck to you. Bye everyone!
teresadeca thanks, jeff and dave! and thanks, hala and leann, for a great moderation job!
Cristina_Costa it was great!
cheryl   Leanne and Hala great co- moderating this week. You are the best .I did get great idea!
GrahamStanley goodbye scott
ESLBruce   Now we can work out the pedagogy of what to do with this...
corachensa Bye, everyone.
dave-on-air george seimens and stephen downes in 45 minutes
Leanne   bye Cora
Hala_Sudan bye
Moira   Thank you everyone :D
Dennis   A goodbye hug to all.
Leanne   Hugs to you Dennis
Cristina_Costa Dennis - :D
Cristina_Costa ((((ALL))))
elderbob   Yes, thank you all.
Cristina_Costa :)
GrahamStanley sigh
carlaarena lol
Niels   Thanks for the show
dave-on-air niels would love to get you in
AdrianaMaddaloni Good bye everyone. Thanks
Nina   My Skype says unavailable" for worldbridges."
analiad   tahnk YOU!
Leanne   Bye Adriana
GrahamStanley the computer says no
Ilse   thanks everybody!!
elderbob   Now the real people come on.
elderbob   No more robots.
dave-on-air damn robots
teresadeca how can i save the whole text chat?
Nina   People to people can usually get along, don't you think?
teresadeca i tried the 5th icon from the left, but didn't get everything
elderbob   Doyou have popups turned off?
teresadeca yes
elderbob   Turn it on, and try it again.
luisa   Bye and thanks to everybody!
Leanne   Bye Luisa
carlaarena Kids love that! My kids love to talk to teresa!
GrahamStanley it's a problem isn't it, during evo? kids, spouse, cats...
Leanne   cats???
JeffLebow   Niels, can you tell me your skype ID?
dave-on-air my cat is always an issue
DougSymington bye everyone, thanks for a great conference
GrahamStanley one of our cats hates it when I sit at the computer - screams at me until I pay him attention
Leanne   my cat only walks in front of my monitor when he thinks I've been neglecting him
GrahamStanley what's your cat's name Dave?
dave-on-air clementine
GrahamStanley ahh
Leanne   mine is Spike
elderbob   My cat cant wal,
GrahamStanley mine are: Nano and Farruca
elderbob   walk.
Nina   What does the 8th icon from the left do?
I was experimenting and I clicked it--my chat just disappeared!
Leanne   awwww, eBob, how come?
elderbob   He's made of wood.
Leanne   hahaha eBob
elderbob   He doesnt eat much either....but very clean.
JeffLebow   It erases the chat
Nina   Could I restore it if I wanted to? Why would I want to erase it?
GrahamStanley I have t go - the cat's giving me a hard time and needs my attention. Thanks everyone
GrahamStanley bye
JeffLebow   I don't think you can restore it.
erikacruvinel I just loved worldbridges!
elderbob's worse than prairie dogs...
carlaarena thanks, guys!
carlaarena beijos from brazil
erikacruvinel Bye! Thank a lot!
elderbob   Whats the name of the big social calendar program.
elderbob   Didnt you guys use it for a while.
Ilse   thanks a lot bye
elderbob   I edit it and send message with parts of the chat to people I dont like.
Leanne   Good thing I have never received one of thos from you eBob ;-)
elderbob   You are way down my list...
Leanne   :smiles
elderbob   Ill probably get tired before I get to you.
elderbob   hahaha.
Leanne   hahaha yourself
elderbob   You are one of my favorites LeAnne.
Leanne   :hugs eBob
elderbob   and I am trying to get World Bridges the same kind of deal I got Howard Stern.
Leanne   what's that?
elderbob   A contract with Comumbia.
elderbob   I think I almost have it.
Leanne   is that a typo?
elderbob   Columbia seems very interested in them
elderbob   Columbia Entertainment.
Leanne   oh, I thought it was coMumbia because they MUMble
Leanne   really? you did that?
elderbob   If I understand it correctly, Columbia will send them three free DVDs, and then over the next 12 months, they only have to purchase four more.
elderbob   I can get the same deal for you if you like.
Leanne   oh, you're full of it today eBob
Leanne   now, you're scaring me away...
elderbob   Your own contract with Columbia.
elderbob   No, Columbia is scamming you.
Leanne   I'm going to log off...see you next Sunday
Leanne   (too funny!)
elderbob   Ill be back in a fewe.
cecirobleda goodbye everybody!!! it's been great to listen to and read you all!!! I'm off to have a splash in a swimming pool .. becuase it's scorching hot here in Rosario!!!

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